My Gas Mileage Is Bad Enough Already

With that damn Bronco already only getting 9 miles to the gallon, there would be Hell To Pay if this shit happened to me,


9 thoughts on “My Gas Mileage Is Bad Enough Already

    • I would hold up the nozzle to the display and THEN take a video. I would then hang up and walk into the store and take a video of the owner or operator explaining what is going on. My next trip would be to the Bureau of Weights and Measures, reporting the s/n of the pump. Only THEN would I go to court.

      This sort of crap should not be tolerated, and should be reported right away.


  1. I have had that happen at the diesel pumps quite a few times here in Michigan, they have probably got me for a few cents at best. The bypass valve in the pump leaks and as long as the pump is running it will read on the meter.


  2. I’ve never trusted the damn pumps! Now I’ve seen proof! I’ve always paid attention to how much gas goes into my tank for how much I think I need. I lived in Oregon for a year and they won’t let you pump your own gas (commies). I would tell the attendant (18 y/o kid) how much gas I could fit in the tank. When it didn’t match what I thought I would get out and make them pump as much as I wanted. I can’t imagine how much I’d lose it over something like that!!


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