Please Vote!!

It’s critical that we keep the House and Senate this year.

If for no other reason than to throw a GIANT FUCK into the Democrats and their Commie designs.

The best reason is to set the stage for possibly the biggest public meltdown of a very deserving bunch of whiny, bitch assed Snowflakes in recent memory.

If you thought it couldn’t get any better than when Trump took the Presidency, just wait until Wednesday morning.

These fuckers have set their hopes on winning the House so they can fuck up everything that Trump has worked so hard for and then stop everything in it’s tracks with phony impeachment proceedings.

I wanna see them crying by the rail car load.

I wanna see those motherfuckers on CNN crying on National Television again.

I want them to FEEL THE PAIN.


Damn straight I did, Mail In here in Washington State.

Straight Republican ticket where possible and I wrote in names for every single race that was unopposed because around here, the odds are good that those are closet Democrats and by not voting the race at all, it is a Gimme for those fuckers.

Fuck That.

Deny these motherfuckers access to the levers of power at every opportunity.



4 thoughts on “Please Vote!!

  1. If I have my way, Grizz the Wonder Dog (you have his picture) will seat several unopposed offices in this election. I love write-ins.


  2. What are your thoughts on the Election results, Phil?

    [My feelings: Basically, a mixed-bag. People voted for Gridlock (assuming no election fraud occurred). I can tolerate the House loss, as the Senate gains means no Trump impeachment, and more realistic judges to come. Alabama, Georgia, and many other states remain Red. The usual suspects were elected or re-elected. We now have up to 2 more years of possible peace within which to continue our preps for Racial War I, Civil War II, or whatever happens next.]

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