Too bad it’s a Trailer Queen though.


While I totally get that it’s wise to protect such an investment of time and money, to me, they were ultimately meant to be driven and  the point of even having something like this is lost when all it is used for is to display wealth.

It’s not a silver dollar for fucks sake, it’s a Road Machine.

Take it out and burn through some Twisties with it and actually enjoy it for it’s intended purpose.

God forbid you get a rock chip in the paint though, right?

On the other hand, I can tell you from experience that motor vehicles do not like to sit unused for long periods of time.

Things like brake cylinders tend to seize up, oil seals dry out, rubber parts crack and rot out, electrical components get corroded  and other weird shit happens to them.

As beautiful as that Porsche is, owning it is like painting a very long bridge.

When you think you are finally done, it’s time to start over at the other end again.

8 thoughts on “Gorgeous

  1. I see a guy show up at Henry Hagg lake, followed by a semi containing a couple corvettes, a Ferrari, etc. They get elevatored out, driven around the lake, and put back in the truck. A total waste of auto.

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  2. I totally agree with you about the fact that cars want to be driven. My old Mazda 323 (this car actually was sold in your country as a FORD!) never let me down, was reliable for 640,000 kilometers until it rusted away from under my arse only because I didn’t drive it for three months.
    I also agree that any car or bike needs to be driven or else it’s useless. I even dream a heretic’s dream (for some maybe even a pervert’s dream) of buying one of those WWII BMW bikes and cut away that (how do you call that bathtub ?) sidecar and drive that naked bike like a chopper!

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    • Ford and Mazda got together way back in the 90’s. The Ford Probe was built by Mazda an their little pickups are exactly the same with a different name.
      As for your dream of whacking off a sidecar, if you ever find one, someone out there will want that sidecar, guaranteed. It would help defray the cost, after that, it’s bugs in the teeth man!


      • Just did a little research. It was a Ford Laser hatchback – a twin of the Mazda 323. I personally believe it was just a relabel since when opening the hood the writing on the engine block said MAZDA 😂


      • Chrysler and Mitsubishi did a similar thing, I think. I had a Plymouth Colt, known in Japan as a Colt Galant. I actually got a real 40 mpg with that thing. I put 80,000 miles on it in 2 years, between driving to work, and playing music in a band. It was of course, a very cheap car, but it ran like a top. 5 speed on the floor, with a 1.5 liter engine. I bought it in 90 when I was going through a divorce, and I had no money to speak of, but I drove 40 miles one way to work, so needed a decent car that I could afford.
        It is the same thing with firearms, as to owning them, and not shooting them. I love nice looking and interesting guns, but I would not want any gun that I was afraid to take out and shoot or expose to the elements. To each his own, I guess.


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