I Am Endorsing Nathan Choi For The Washington State Supreme Court

If you live in Washington then I urge you to take a look at this too.
This guy is my kinda guy.



Warning: ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ In State Supreme Court Race

Don’t overlook this state Supreme Court race. One of the candidates believes in QAnon.

Right off the get go they are attacking him and trying to make him sound like a nut job.

That is one plus in his favor right away in my book.

That means they are afraid of him and he is an outsider.


Oh it gets better too.

OLYMPIA, WA – You might be tempted to glaze over the statewide judicial races on your ballot. Only one of the five races is competitive – and that’s the race you really have to pay attention to.

Incumbent Justice Steve Gonzalez is running against Nathan Choi, who has no experience as a judge, but, it appears, plenty of experience with conspiracy theories. On Choi’s website, there’s a whole section labeled “Conspiracy Theorist,” where Choi talks about, well, let’s just quote him:

“Please watch the following video and I challenge anybody to disprove any of the facts leading any sensible person not to conclude the Sinking [sic] of the Titanic was not the precursor to creating the Federal Reserve Private Bank,” Choi writes about a video espousing that titanic conspiracy theory.

In other spots on his site, he writes about the impending “New World Order” brought by mass migration. He talks about conspiracy theories involving the JFK assassination, and appears to be a QAnon believer – the most confusing and wild conspiracy theory to come along in years.

Choi doesn’t talk to the press. But Gonzalez spoke to Northwest News Network reporter Austin Jenkins last week, and he’s afraid his seat is in danger because voters don’t know the different between the two candidates.


“His name comes first [on the ballot] and mine comes second, so it takes a little bit more effort and work to learn about and to cast an informed vote on judges,” Gonzalez told Jenkins.

If you haven’t filled out your ballot yet, make sure to take a look at this race. Learn more about Gonzalez and his opponent here.

But wait! There’s More!

From the actual Voters Guide,


Nathan Choi

Legal/Judicial Experience: Practicing Attorney since 1999. Licensed in Multiple Jurisdictions. Practiced in Multiple Countries. Hawaii Supreme Court Annexed Arbitrator from 2003-2009

Other Professional Experience: Professor of Accounting-Hawaii Business College; Merrill Lynch (Once World’s Largest Brokerage) Midmarkets Securities Trading Desk; Developed Numerous Real Estate Projects; Housing Association Director; Chief Executive Office (Private Equity/Non-Profit Charitable Organizations)  Real Estate Principal Broker

Education: Juris Doctor and Masters of Business Administration-University of Hawaii Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate and Accounting-University of Hawaii

Community Service: Donated Numerous Generous Scholarships; Funded Multiple Missionary/Humanitarian Organizations; Conducted Free Legal Seminars for Immigrants and other less privileged members of society

Statement: The 2 most important qualities of a Judge in order of importance 1:Fairness 2: Real world experience. Nathan Choi owes no political party or special interest Quid Pro Quo. This is the cause of the current constitutional crisis in our Nation’s Capital. Why else does one judge rule in opposite of another under identical written laws? I am a Patriot. My allegiance is to you.

Nathan Choi is the most experienced candidate to resolve current vital issues in Washington. The housing problem can be resolved with proper interpretation and implementation of laws. The Supreme Court is in the special position to interpret legislative laws to positively impact the public. The Judiciary needs Real World Experience how rulings affect developers, business, and the public. I have litigated and developed housing and know exactly how they create or eliminate affordable housing and other legal problems.

The Judiciary needs an understanding of economics, tax regulations and the ripple effects of their decisions. I am the only candidate who has successfully developed Real Estate and understands the Macro Economics of legal decisions and will apply the law without bias and for the benefit of the public. Learn more at WAjudicialwatchdog.org.

(425) 691-6559

My bold.

That right there seals it for me.

He has zero experience as a judge which means he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning but I like his style and I’m voting for him.



The fucking Democrats have had this state sewn up for far too long and have gone full fucking Commie.

Anything to poke a stick in their fucking eye.

Motherfuckers anyway.

1 thought on “I Am Endorsing Nathan Choi For The Washington State Supreme Court

  1. I did look him up and if I was still living in Spokane I would cast my vote for this guy for much of the same reason you state…BFUTW. I have a caveat, he is from Hawaii, the land of federal judges that think they can decide what the rest of the nation can think and do, a sure hotbed of lunacy and liberalism. I couldn’t find out what party he alludes to. I believe judges should not have a political affiliation, it should always be a non-political position.


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