I have watched this over and over again.

It looks like it’s a Shaper of some kind but I have never seen one stroke that damn far. Could just be the camera angle too.

There’s no doubt about it having a sharp cutter on it though.

If you want to make something fucking flat, there’s yer machine.


Here’s a short video of an antique one going at it, short stroking it.

8 thoughts on “Sharp

  1. Probably a planer. They made some monsters. I saw one on the side of the road in Brownsville, TX. There were all kinds of presses, lathes, and mills out in the weeds, just rusting into the ground. I went by there again about 7 months later, and it was empty. That planer weighed 60000 lbs if it weighed anything…

    Like this one:


  2. I can get long chips on my 9×20 lathe when it’s running the right speed. Not that wide, but a coiled chip over a foot long is pretty routine.

    That’s impressive.


  3. it’s called a scarfing knife,or for a short part,a shaper blade.I working in a factory that made steel tubing,they were used to cut off the excess weld.We could cut miles before a tool change.


  4. Its a table planer. Two friends of mine have one with 16 ft of travel. theirs has a 25 hp power head on it for other work. They got it in the 80s for scrap price. It has done 10s of thousands of elevator door plates. the cast iron ones poured into a buildings floor. It is like the you tube link in the first comment but with a power head with chipper


  5. I was gifted by my Pretty Brides Godfather his Apprentice Project to become a Tool and Die man. It’s a Shaper Gage. I gave it to my daughter when she matriculated from Auburn’s Ginn School of Engineering. Holds square accurate to 1/2 a thou 50 years later.

    Spin Drift


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