Post Drill Project, Phase 1 Complete, Finally

Jeeze Louise THAT turned into a fiasco.

Multiple trips to Wally World, a whole bunch of elbow grease and aggravation later, I am liking this a whole lot better,



The damn thing has a tight spot in it when it spins and it’s where the feed screw and the shaft come together. Someone stuck a bent # 10 screw and a nut in it to couple them together and I put two roll pins back in it like it appears to me that it is supposed to have.

Something is slightly bent is my guess.

The fucker will either wear in or I will have to investigate it further. It’ll work as is for now just fine.

On the first trip to Wally World, I picked up some laquer thinner to get that fucking glitter shit back off. It worked really well.

So well in fact, that it started eating that shitty white paint off that some other Patriot had put on there forty some years ago. The thing had been in storage for thirty plus years so like I said earlier, my best guess was that it got tore into clear back in 1976 when EVERYTHING was Red, White and Blue.

Of course THEN, it started eating the paint all the way down to the original, rusty cast iron.

Whoever painted it apparently couldn’t be bothered to clean the rust off first.

That’s when the elbow grease started oozing.

I used my wire wheel and then got out an angle grinder with a cup wheel on it, threw the parts in the vise and the rusty dust started flying.

Trip 2 to Wally World was to get different paint and some Acetone to clean everything with.


The new paint went on really sweet and did a nice job of coverage, just like it was supposed to. The best part was I paid less for two cans than I did for one of the Glitter Glop shit.

I’m not kidding when I say I have over fifty bucks into the thing now just to get the painted parts right.

It’s worth every dime though.

Now I have a bunch of other work to do, like rewiring the damn thing and figuring out where and how I am going to mount it.



That shit’s gotta go.

The old man said it worked, I’m gonna take his word for it but I ain’t EVEN gonna try and plug 110 volts into that mess.

Gotta clean up the motor too.

I told my boy last weekend that when I got done with this thing that I am going to give him the basically brand fucking new Harbor freight 12 speed drill press.



I looked again today and the very slowest speed on that damn thing is 300 RPM, the highest is 2900.

Who in the fuck needs a bench drill that spins that fast?

I don’t.

I bought it because it was on sale and I needed one at the time but have never been real happy with it.

It’s already unbolted and sitting on the floor awaiting pick up by the boy.


So even though it took way longer than I anticipated and twice as much work, I am pretty happy with the way this thing turned out.


IMG_20180914_133030 (1)

And after,


Much, better.


Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

The final drive gear ratio is 2:1.

10 thoughts on “Post Drill Project, Phase 1 Complete, Finally

  1. Looks very nice, now, looking around the garage as much as one can with these pic, where ya gonna mount it? Me, I would mount it on the wife unit side of the bed…. no, can’t do that, you will end up like the naked guy in the chair but worse. It came out looking like it will last another hundred years.


    • Yeah, I have the plate holding bracket slid way up the shaft at the moment.If one wanted, all one would have to do is get a longer shaft and you could use any length drill bit you wanted, including air craft drill bits which are 12 inches long.
      I’ll slide that bracket back down later and then it uses regular bits. Another nice thing on this one is that someone put a keyless chuck on it years ago.


  2. Looking great, Phil!

    I ran my bench drill at high speed all the time. I mostly drilled aluminum for making brackets and stuff. 1/4″ bits with a shot or two of Tap Magic, and a good, sharp bit will go through the aluminum like butter!


  3. I had a big one of those in my welding shop and used the hell out of it.
    It finally became so loose from wear that the self feed stopped working.
    Dust and grinder grit really put a hurt on it.
    Get yourself a good 6″ milling machine vice, preferably with cross slide capabilities.
    You won’t be disappointed.


    • Excellent suggestion, I hadn’t thought of that.
      I don’t think Roll Pins had even been invented yet when this thing was made now that you mention it.
      I’ll have to measure it and try to find some.
      Probably Amazon or EBay.


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