That’s what my Old Man used to call it when he was out dinking around in the garage when I was a kid.

I’m happiest while doing so too.

More drama showed up last night, I’m gonna keep my mouth shut about it though.

Nothing good would come by sharing it so instead I’ll just show you what else I have been up to.

I started tearing into those two Post Drills the other day, attempting to make one good one out of the best parts of both.

Lots and lots of parts cleaning has since ensued and I have already put ten thousand miles on my wire wheel just today.

IMG_20180914_133030 (1)

Judging by the color scheme someone threw at this thing sometime in the past, I am going to guess it was somewhere around 1976 the last time this thing was torn into.

The mounting board is green.


Must have been what they had on hand at the time I can only guess.

The body of the thing is Black.

OK, works for me. This is where that whole Patriotic thing comes in, everything else is Red, White and Blue.

Kinda cringy.

Not anymore though.


I must have gotten a bad can of paint originally, that big Flywheel took most of a whole can to paint one fucking side.

Lots of clear and metal flake in it but not much silver, I had to lay it on real damn thick.

I wound up running up to Wally World and snagging two more cans.

The first one of those I used worked ten times better.

Eh, shit happens. I know I shook the daylights out of both of them before even trying to use them.

Yesterday I had to modify the smaller bevel gear I wanted to swap out and I’ll be damned if that dinky little lathe didn’t justify it’s continued presence on my work bench.


I wound up facing about half of that boss off of there.

It fits good now and there is still more than the original one with the broken tooth had on it there which actually worked out good.


If you look closely at how the gears mesh now you will notice that the small bevel gear sticks a bit proud now.

Since this thing is over a hundred years old and has only God knows how much wear and tear on it, that tightened the gear pattern up just right and got rid of a whole bunch of slop and back lash.

It should be good to go for at least the rest of my life and then some.

I don’t think I’m going to bother painting the main body on this thing, it cleaned up good enough for the girls I go out with, I jut couldn’t handle that fucking White.

I still have a bunch of work to do to it but right at the moment I am taking a break while the new paint dries.



Ayeah, I’m gonna call this one a FAIL.

That paint turned to absolute shit.


It din’t coat worth a damn and I wound up just pouring it on to cover anything. Then when it dried it basically turned into big chunks of glitter.

I got the thing back together and was majorly disappointed in it.


Thankfully it doesn’t take too long to disassemble and now that all the fucking rust and dried on gunk has already been removed it will just be a matter of taking it back apart, douching the shit out of the parts with Carb Cleaner or Acetone to get rid of the glitter mess and starting over with something a little more user friendly.

More than likely sans shiny sand particles this time.

I’m thinking just a nice Silver paint.

Even as crapped out as that paint is, it still looks better than that damn white though.

Cederq was asking what the gear ratio is on the thing. To be honest I don’t know off the top of my head. When I take it back apart I’ll take my shoes and socks off and commence  to counting the teeth on the gears.

The thing that makes them so great for drilling tough materials is that adjustable feed rate.

I was watching some videos earlier and one guy said that the slowest feed rate on his was some incredibly small number like .025 per revolution.

Pretty amazing for some clunky chunks of cast iron poured over a hundred years ago.


6 thoughts on “PiddleFartin’

  1. I hate drama, ain’t got time for it, I will walk away from it. Your post drill is shaping up nice. Are you going to mount it in your shop once ya get it painted and dialed in? You gonna paint it all silver or black? I snagged a nice little (old) Dewalt drill press today and will be cleaning it up and make sure it works properly. It seems Bubba’s cuz the tweaker electrician tried to rewire it and couldn’t get it to start. I am sure the capacitor is blown in it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t know to be honest. I’ll count it out after I take it back apart.
      I updated the post to admit my paint experiment failure.
      Nice score on the Drill Press.
      Bubba and his friends need severe beatings .
      Lemme know how that turns out.


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