Busy As Usual

Working out in the garage, trying to get rid of an old Craftsman table saw and uh, some other items.

As soon as I can get a hold of the guy and get that out of the back of my rig then I need to stop and grab a can of spray paint for the old post drill and then see about using the little lathe to shave down the boss on one of the gears to swap from one to the other.

Amazingly enough, even though both of these post drills were made by the same company and at first glance look identical, apparently one is newer than the other and there were some parts upgrades.

That means there are slight differences in how the feed mechanism is connected to the main drill shaft.

The one I want to fix had a tooth broke off a bevel gear, the other one fits but it makes the gear mesh way the hell off.

A little end facing to shorten that boss and I should be good to go.

We shall see, the gear does actually fit in my little lathe.

3 thoughts on “Busy As Usual

  1. I miss my bench drill press. If I had my druthers, I’d have another bench for “heavy” work, with the drill press, a big ass vise, and a grinder/wire wheel.

    BUT….space in the garage is at a premium, and my next door neighbor has those, and I’m welcome to use them any time he’s around.

    OH….and he told me yesterday that he’s envious of my Supra, and is finally going to buy the MGB roadster he’s always wanted.

    GROAN……another MGB I’ll be helping on…..

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    • I had to get rid of something, I literally couldn’t shimmy past the crap and get from one end of the garage to the other anymore.
      Thankfully that little table saw on a cart is gone now.
      Big assed vise is a must as is a grinder and a wire wheel.
      I actually use my wire wheels ten times as much as the grinder so when I recently bought the new HF model I put a really coarse one on one side and a more traditional one on the other side. I still have the vintage bench grinder I restored and it actually works beautifully

      As for your neighbor, tell him I will make him a smoking deal on a 75% done Sprite if he is looking for a project.


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