Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

Those dumb bastards at the ACLU made the mistake of Emailing me, wanting me to donate money to that stupid #METOO campaign. I think you will appreciate this.

let’s talk about #MeToo



Tarana Burke and Alyssa Milano, ACLU <>

1:27 PM (6 minutes ago)

to me



As survivors and activists, the #MeToo movement is personal for us. That’s why, a year after #MeToo went viral, we’re catching up with ACLU supporters like you to make sure we keep giving this fight everything we’ve got.

Not everyone knows that #MeToo began over a decade ago. It shouldn’t be a surprise: Sexual violence is chronic. It’s an epidemic. And it can strike anywhere – from Hollywood to your own neighborhood.

Hear us discuss #MeToo in our new ACLU podcast. You’ll learn how this movement began, how it caught fire, and how it will continue to challenge a toxic and pervasive culture of harassment and assault.

My response?

to aclu <>


You do realize that most adults associate # as the POUND sign right?


You people are hilarious.

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