3 thoughts on “A Quick Getaway

  1. A similar system, The ‘Fulton Skyhook’

    was seen in “Thunderball” (1965, Sean Connery as James Bond)

    and “The Green Berets” (1968, John Wayne)

    And, for sh!its and giggles, a Jet Pack was used in “Die Another Day” (2002)

    “Yes, I have nothing better to do but watch feature-length movies. Why do you ask?”


  2. About twenty years ago, a friend sold me his old paraglider for a pack of cigarettes. That thing was actually a modified parachute with only sixteen chambers and this kind of “paraglider” was called “the rubber cow” by the pilots. It flew and behaved like… well, like a rubber cow yet it was a very safe glider.
    The first time I went flying that ‘chute I felt quite anxious. I had everything prepared and the ribber cow was lying spread out on the ground with me connected to it and I would just had to run downhill until it carried me away from that mountain – but I couldn’t get myself to start running.
    Then appeared that paraglider out of the blue and landed right next to me. We exchanged a couple of words and he boosted my resolve in flying right away. After that he did exactly such an incredible takeoff.
    After I was able closing my mouth again I ran downhill like mad and I had my first and one of my best flights ever.


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