More Pack Rattin’

Oh yeah, I’m in hot water with the Wifely Unit again.

I gotta admit it’s getting a bit out of hand but it just kills my soul to see perfectly good stuff get thrown away.

After busting my ass all damn day Friday, I got up early again on Saturday and started in on yet another bit of devious fuckery.

I scored one of those small RubberMaid type garden sheds from somewhere and had to go get the damn thing. It barely fit in the back of the Caballero as it was but I was going to need help getting it slid into the back yard. Someone who shall remain nameless just happened to come along with yet another freebie and so I kinda got a twofer out of the deal. That one was going to throw away a couple hundred square feet of 3 inch wide White Oak flooring that he pulled up out of his house. I seriously have no fucking idea what I am going to do with that yet and the Wife spotted it out in the back yard an went clear the fuck off. I can’t blame her.

She didn’t even see the shed, thankfully she was out running around when I showed up with it and the guy with the wood. When I mentioned that she kicked it up a notch.


I’m pretty much gonna do what I wanna do anyway, I just get to listen about it occasionally.

So yesterday, I decided to get rid of some garbage out of the garage plus an old junk battery so I went to the dump.

Transfer Station they like to call it, Den of Fucking Thieves is what I refer to it as.

They have gotten deep into my back pocket over the years and like to just charge me whatever the fuck they want. I’m serious.

Most of the time when I go there, they just estimate what they should charge me by what I have in the back. Fuck those scales.


Yesterday was no exception and I didn’t even have HALF the bed filled up.

So I pays the lady, drop the battery off and go to cut across an empty lane to get in the line to get in the big building.

Oh no no no.

Some Garbage Traffic Police idiot tells me that I have to drive completely around the giant fucking building instead.

Moron. I din’t even bother pointing out that I was already half way where I wanted to be and that there wasn’t any other vehicles coming. I just cussed under my breath and went around the GIANT FUCKING BUILDING and pulled right the fuck up exactly where I was at before said moron opened his yap.

Gotta love it.

I get in the fucking building and more Garbage Traffic Cops are waving flags and pointing and herding Schmucks like me to the nearest open spot to unload.

It just happened that I wound up all the way across the GIANT FUCKING BUILDING, right up against the far wall.

I’m busy trying to back up and this guy is waving at me to move one way, then the other, just to make it perfect.

I get out and notice a couple of wheels and tires up against the wall and my eyes get real big.

I tell the guy, I need those wheels and tires, can I have them?

He looks over, thinks about it for a second and says, “I’m going to walk over there, I didn’t see anything”.

Fuckin’ COOL!

Then, he turns back around and rolls them over next to my rig and tells me to make sure no one is watching before I throw them in.

Not a problem.

I dumped out my garbage, took a quick look around and threw the fuckers in the back so they were laying flat. I thanked the guy and came home.


Oh yeah, the wife was pissed off again but I fucking scored.

If you are a regular reader, you may recall a certain POS Walk Behind Tractor I picked up off Craigslist last year that the wheels have rusted off of and the tires rotted to shreds on.

tractor wheel

I have been searching off and on for fucking months trying to find something to go back on there but we are talking serious money and nothing is going to be an exact fit.

The thing was probably built in the 50’s and that company is long out of business.

Well ,The Good Lord smiled on my sorry little ass again.


The one farthest away looks like it’s almost brand new.

Of course the bolt pattern isn’t even close but I was looking at that being a problem no matter what I came up with.

Ya see, my wife just doesn’t get why I was so excited over this.

There is every bit of $300 worth of tires and wheels sitting there, for fucking FREE!

Sure, it’s more crap sitting around waiting for me to get to and I have way too damn many projects but now that one just got bumped up on the list. All I want to do is get the fucker running, get these wheels and tires on it and GET RID OF IT.

So far I am into the whole thing $50 and a quarter tank of gas.

I’m thinking it should go for a bit more than that if it runs and drives.

Speaking of projects, I got one of those antique Post Drills working yesterday too. The auto feed was fucked up. I probably spent an hour an a half just scraping nasty old grease and dirt off a bunch of the moving parts. There is some wear on one of the shafts but I haven’t even looked at the other one yet that looked to be in much better shape but is missing the bottom tube and the plate that clamps to it for putting the work on. The one I was messing with is complete. I’m going to see if that other one is actually in better condition and swap out parts as needed.

So it ain’t like I just collect all this shit and never do anything with it like my wife seems to think.

I just only have so much time to do so many things that I would like to get done.

Wrenching on a certain Bronco has cut right into that time lately.

Ah well, I knew that was going to be a project when I bought it anyway.

It’s exactly like one very astute reader said a few posts ago.

I actually kind of secretly enjoy fucking with that kind of miserable shit even though I bitch about it bitterly.

It’s a challenge and it fills my need to tinker on stuff.

I don’t drink anymore and a guy can only sit and play on these computers for so long before his ass goes numb anyway.

10 thoughts on “More Pack Rattin’

    • Lol, I forgot to mention that the reason I needed another garden shed is that because the one that was already here is where that tractor is stashed. I can just barely get the lawnmower in next to it now and shut the doors.


  1. Amen brother, I feel your pain/joy. I was introduced to my own addiction by several YouTube channels. There’s this chain of salvage auto auctions called Copart, where you can buy all sorts of jacked-up, unwanted, unloved vehicles that need fixing. I’m a born fixer, nothing makes me more satisfied than restoring something thrown away into usefulness. So I’m hooked, bumping up against my state limit where I need a dealers license every year. I don’t really make enough selling the cars to justify my time, but if you could pay the bills with your hobby, it would start to feel like a JOB.


    • A brother from another mother.
      I have a friend who did that for years and did actually make a living at it. Right up until the wrecking yards made a deal with the tow yards to give them $500 for every car, sight unseen. That’s when the price of scrap steel was so high.
      Put him and several other people right on the sidelines.


    • And then there’s the fear that married gun collectors have… that one day she will sell the collection for what he said he paid for it.


  2. There’s a lot more than 300 bucks laying there. Those tractor tires are expensive.
    you have a lathe right? Adapters, my friend, you need adapters. Chunk of steel, and you are in business.


  3. looks like an easy fix. Just cut the center section out of the old rims, center them on on the new rims, and either weld or bolt together. You might have to cut out the center of the new rims to get clearance for the 4 hole bolt pattern. not as pretty as a turned adapter, but good enough for walking speeds.


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