They Won’t Get Out of The Parking Lot

I swear, people never fail to amaze me.

just no

Now just what the fuck do you think is going to happen the very first time you have to make a relatively sharp turn, like out of a parking lot onto a street?

Fucking MORONS!

8 thoughts on “They Won’t Get Out of The Parking Lot

  1. Pavement looks wet. I say Floriduh, and maybe they have done this before, the trailer wheels will slide over skittering on the pavement or come off the rims, pity there is no video proof.


  2. Look at the trailer it is a ramp. Drop it flat and use the lumber to support the ramp if it does not lay flat on its own. The only picture to top this is the one where the strap goes through the wheel on the truck


  3. Common Core F+ students FTW!
    Anyone who picks up 12′ long wood with an 8′ trailer is easy money for Big Box Lumber sales.
    And I’m sure the dents that lumber will rip in the truck box will buff right out too, so lumber store guy is doing the body shop a solid too.
    If they’re really lucky, they’ll get a Citizenship and Good Driving Award from Officer Friendly, before, during, or after the impending debacle.

    But topping this would not involve putting the tie down through the trailer wheels, although that would be an awesome follow-through.

    True Genius level work would be loading the lumber on the pickup from sidewall to sidewall, sticking out 2-3′ on each side of the cab.

    And actually, a real Good Samaritan wouldn’t haul this for them; they’d walk up with a chainsaw and cut all the lumber down to 8′ to fit the trailer, and throw the 4′ leftover stubs into the truck bed.

    It’s also a lead-pipe certainty that neither of those soopergeniuses has an IQ above 75.
    That may even be higher than their combined score in the team competition.


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