15 thoughts on “Helmets Do Save Lives

  1. Phil, ya need to put warning signs up on the header, Pepsi and pretzels are not good for a monitor… I laughed my cojones off at the idiot dot-Indian flipping over and doing a backward swan dive off of the handlebars.

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  2. From a fellow over-the-bars club member – cringe! Been a member since 1996. Over the bars and over the car that darted onto the highway in front of me. I would surely be dead if I was not wearing a helmet. The ambulance took forever to get there due to the 3 people who called 911 all saying I was probably dead. Well, I’m still here.


    • . . . HOWEVER, helmet laws suck, suck, suck. How are we gonna keep a quality gene pool if the stupid decisions are constantly being taken out of the hands of the . . . well, you know what I mean.


  3. Over the handle bars at about 60mph in seventh grade, maybe 1972. I was riding my dad’s Kawasaki 175 enduro on a gravel and dirt road. I jumped over a elevated bridge and tried to bounce over a 12-15 foot puddle. The back tire caught the deep edge of the far side of the hole and over I went. I still have the scars and remember it all in slow motion. The Bell helmet was mostly split and certainly saved my good looking noggin (and life). I’m counting at least 4 or 5 of these patches are owed to me. My father made sure to remind me numerous times what a knucklehead I was.


  4. Joined the club in 1972. Just grabbed 4th gear on my Bultaco Pursang and broadsided a coyote. Left a bunch of helmet paint on the clay road. Shoulder didn’t work too well for a few days either. Renewed my membership my latest dirt bike about 8 years ago and on my snowmobile a couple of years ago. I would think that at 58 I would finally get my shit together. Must be a lack of supervision by an ol’ lady.


  5. I’ve cracked a helmet myself. My cousin hit a moose on his bike, then it turned around kicked him in the head and split his helmet in two. My cousin survived, but had a headache for about 6 months.


  6. My best friend in high school, “Pat” went to get his pops HD Glide from the dealership , where the HD tech’s were supposed to be fixing a factory defective part in the front break/axle assembly. The dipshits at the dealership forgot to grease the bearings before putting the bike back together. About half way home the front axle welded itself and he went over the handle bars at 45MPH. He was using a full face bell. It saved his life. He drank milkshakes with a straw for the rest of the summer. But that skid lid saved his life.


  7. In ’72 I went over the bars on my Suzuki 90 Blazer after hitting some very deep tractor ruts at the bottom of a ditch. The crash ripped my face shield off, except for the snaps. I bruised my leg badly but nothing broken. For sure, the helmet saved me from death or at least irreparable brane damaje.


    • I have been over the bars multiple times on ,bicycles, mini bikes, and motorcycles.
      A brand new Shoei full face helmet saved my ass the time I high sided my Honda 450 street bike at 45 miles an hour and went over the bars once.
      I lost count of how many times I wrecked that fucker because I was pretty much insane back then and rode it on the street like a dirt bike.
      Wheelies at stop lights, sliding around corners, you name it. I found that I have a terminal problem with throttle position on the damn things. It’s either off, or all the way on.
      I can remember at least five sets of handle bars I had to replace from getting bent.
      Turn signals, both mufflers, side covers,, brake and clutch handles, the works.
      Broke the same little bone in my wrist twice, separated my shoulder once at the same time, I couldn’t hardly wipe my ass with either hand.
      The Road Rash I’ve had. Fuck me, I’ve had Road Rash in places it shouldn’t be possible to get. Had it under both butt cheeks one time.
      I finally had some asshole turn left in front of me from the right lane. I slid sideways, hit the rear quarter panel, flipped up, onto and over the fucking trunk and laid out in the middle of a huge intersection in South San Francisco on my way to work one day.
      Fucked my back all up and that’s when I ended up getting my lower back fused at 25.
      I had been commuting from San Jose to South San Fran every day for over a year in every kind of weather they get down there.
      50 miles each way, riding in between the cars in the massive traffic jams.
      That was the end of me and riding.


  8. 1984. Full dressed 1983 KZ1100. Rear ended a car that made a rather sudden stop to make a left turn. Hopped off just before impact. rolled up their rear window, did a flip and somehow landed on my feet in the outside lane. Thank god traffic was light and I didn’t get run over. Responding cop asked during interview if I had been wearing a helmet. I told her no because by the time I realized I was going to have a crash it was too late to go home and get it. She was not impressed. Too bad. She was kinda cute. For a cop. I was gonna ask her out for a coffee.


    • Still ride. Sorry Phil. you’ve had it much worse. I did lose about 60% use of my left arm after my crash to a compressed nerve. Took me months to get that back.


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