Made It Back

Quite the trip.

Absolutely gorgeous scenery down there.

I remember now why I don’t like the High Desert too.

It’s as dry as a popcorn fart and fifty plus degree temperature swings overnight.

It was 75 degrees outside when we got there Friday afternoon, 24 that night.

Saturday is was in the mid 50’s during the day and it was 14 fucking degrees out when we stepped out on the porch Sunday morning.

Clear as a bell and sunny, the wind started kicking up as we were leaving in the afternoon.

We did some serious sight seeing Saturday and I took enough pictures to give a Japanese tourist an inferiority complex.

Something like 200 in all.

I kept waiting for my cell phone to start bellowing STAWWWWWWWP!

Here’s a small sample from Paulina Lookout, just a bit North East of La Pine Oregon. I never did get into La Pine, we were a bit North West of that actually.

There are two stunning lakes below the Look Out, which is on the South rim of an extinct volcano. The lakes are inside the caldera.


Looking North past the elevation sign, you can see part of Paulina Lake.


Looking North East from the edge of the peak at part of East Lake.



Looking DOWN.


Off to the East and just South of East Lake, this was pretty wild,


It’s a crappy picture of a lava flow that wound part of the way around the inside of the rim at one time, You can see the vent at the top left, kind of. That big mound.

This thing is fucking huge.


There is a turn off from that road you can see and you can get to a parking lot, then get out and walk up to the top of the lava flow. This isn’t just any lava either.

It is chock full of Black Volcanic Glass.

Giant fucking boulders of the stuff.

This should give you some perspective on how tall that lava flow is,


I spotted this one tiny little tree growing right out of the middle of the stuff.


This is ONE boulder.


Pretty amazing how huge this whole place is and mind blowing as you drive around all over the place and suddenly realize that you have been driving around INSIDE a volcano for the past twenty minutes at highway speeds.

So anyway, back up to the summit for a minute.

The big hump on the left is Mount Bachelor, a favorite winter skiing spot.

The 3 mountains behind it are the Three Sisters, originally called Faith, Hope and Charity, now simply known as North, Middle and South Sisters.


Wayyyy back in 1972, as a 12 year old Boy Scout, I went on a two week, fifty mile hike that started on the OTHER side of those mountains and finally wound up with us hiking in between the Middle and South Sister to finish up.

Two weeks of absolute misery and awesomeness all rolled into one giant blister kind of. I wore out a brand new pair of boots on that trip.


Something a guy never forgets.

So I want to leave you with this ,

if I was 12 in 1972, then this being October of 2018 means I am damn near 59 years old, beings I was hatched at the end of January of 1960.

Remember the elevation sign at the top?

7984 feet, in the parking lot at the top of the peak, there is still a rocky hill left to go to get to the very top.

It’s easily 20 feet so basically you are over 8,000 feet at the very top.


This is me, at the top, 8,000 feet up, 59 years old and smoking a non filtered cigarette.

IMG_0791 (1)

Kinda makes ya want to slap one of them Snowflakes don’t it?


Of course by the end of the day after hiking around this and some other shit, I was all, fucking, done and in bed asleep at 9:30.

I am startin’ to get old , after all.






3 thoughts on “Made It Back

  1. Fucking cigarets are bad dude, they’re for young people…but you know that.

    There is no better climate then living at about 6,000′ in the Rockies-man I miss that here in w Texas.


  2. I’m a couple hours away from where you were in Oregon. That area is beautiful, but much like Crater Lake, it leaves you feeling more than a little small, insignificant, and short-lived.
    I’ll confess to sharing your stubborn desire to fix cars that anyone with sense would just shoot, burn to the ground, then bury. But I’m doing it wholesale. I’ve fixed two wrecked Subaru’s, a Mazda, a Toyota, and about to get to work on a Ford. But the worst was a Mini Cooper S I fixed last year. What a bitch. The car is so small that you can’t work on it without taking the whole front of the car off. I spent as much on parts fixing it as I spent buying it. Even after all that, I still didn’t trust it enough to go far from home. Sold it this year, figured it cost me $100/mile to drive it while I owned it, and that didn’t include the weeks I spent fixing it. So I feel your pain…


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