Road Trip

We are now pretty much out in Bumfuck, Can’tfinditstan

Out in the middle of fucking nowhere at my brothers vacation place.


4 1/2 hours to get here, outside some little Burgh, South of Bend, Oregon.

It’s in a subdivision out in the sticks, Google Maps and their fucked up directions tried to have us turn off the main road onto a fucking goat track that is actually a fire escape route for the subdivision trying to get here..

Better hope ya got 4WD is all I can say.

It took some dead reckoning but I finally directed the kid, who was driving his new car, to the correct turnoff and we came in the back side.

It’s nice and quiet, there is internet here obviously and I am going to visit with other family that just showed up, kick the fuck back and do nothing for a couple of days.


13 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. If you beer, try Hop Venom IPA at Boneyard Brewing in Bend. Or their Nemesis triple IPA, the smoothest 11% you can get. Plus a trip to Crater Lake should be easy from there, and worth the drive…


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