If I took the back seat out of the Bronco, figured out a way to make a quick release on that chair…….



I might be able to get one in the back of the fucker if I tilted it some. The damn thing isn’t very wide inside.

8 thoughts on “Hmmmmmm,

  1. Looks mighty unstable to me. I would put some out riggers on both sides that are whole barrels so it has some flotation capabilities…


  2. sesign it so that you can pull a couple of pins, nest one half barrel inside the other, and set the platform on thop…

    Of course, making some spacers to put the barrels father apart might be a good idea, but that’s easy enough to do.

    Figure 8 pins and you could do it…and it’d fir in the Bronco.

    Just sayin’


  3. Execution fail.

    1) Four complete sealed barrels, two wide by two long, minimum, with a plywood platform on top.
    2) Ditch the stupid leftover office swivel chair.
    3) You want a gorram recycled Barcalounger, FFS. If you’re going to do lazy, do it right.
    4) Put that chair on an industrial lazy susan caster, so the chair swivels through 360°.

    Now you’ve got a redneck bass boat.

    And if someone decides to

    5) Mount some 4″ or 6″ sealed full-length PVC outriggers on both sides, possibly even in a V-shaped triangle triple-tube configuration, for three times the side floatation and ten times the structural rigidity

    I wouldn’t holler either, and you’d have something stable enough to either fish, or just sit in and look like you were fishing all day long.

    I’d probably also
    6) Mount an oversize umbrella or over-chair shade canopy to the back of the Barcalounger.
    (Bonus points if it’s moderately sprinkle-proof for days with scattered liquid sunshine.)

    Important nautical engineering note:
    7) A proper beer and bait cooler deck-mounted forward counterbalances the engine and power supply (gasoline or electric) aft, if done properly. It also makes a handy footrest.

    Like I said, if you’re going to do lazy, do it right.
    And too much engineering is just about right.

    If you also

    8) build something that will float a small-block V-8

    you’re well on your way to becoming an actual watercraft company with a payroll, and I would invest in same if you send a prospectus and business plan outline.


    • And remember, valid registration, a valid fishing license, 1 life preserver per occupant plus a throwable, a current fire extinguisher, flares, and a signaling device (whistle, horn, bell), and even a Coast Guard or F&G courtesy inspection can’t stop you.


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