Is Anybody Else Cheering Like I Am?


Stocks drop again; Dow falls 500-plus points


U.S. stocks tumbled for the second consecutive day Thursday, deepening their downturn. Indexes in Europe and Asia also skidded. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index notched its sixth loss in a row as investors try to gauge the best place to put their money amid concerns over interest rates and trade and signs of slowing global economic growth.

The benchmark S&P 500 index slid about 2.1%, to 2,729; on Wednesday, it fell 3.3%. The index’s current losing streak is its biggest downturn since a 10% drop in early February, and the longest since a nine-day skid shortly before the 2016 presidential election. It has climbed about 28% since President Trump was elected.


Bleed you fuckers, bleed.

Legalized gambling and us tax payers get to bail them out when they bet wrong.

There is an end to that shit at some point.

One way, or another.

End The Fed and this bullshit stops overnight.

The other way suits me just fine if it comes to that too.


13 thoughts on “Is Anybody Else Cheering Like I Am?

  1. The other way isn’t looking good either. A lot of us are going to hurt and we get to learn how to do with less and learn to eat those less costly cuts of meats… like road kill? I am not saying that as a bad thing, a good reset weeds out the weak and unprepared. It is the time to have skills and tools and know how. There will be a test on this material later.


    • Yep, with what banks charge for interest (basically nothing), the stock market is one way people are attempting to save for their retirement. Which is looking less and less likely.

      Whatever you have in stockmarket SHOULD be expendable, but some have all of their savings in there. The little guy takes it in shorts, as always.


  2. Not cheering.
    Unless you like the idea of a last-minute downturn getting your Speaker Pelosi in about three weeks.

    There’s going to be a pop to the bubble eventually. I’d be fine with it taking place three years from now, not three days from now.

    But if you’re looking forward to Obama 2.0, feel free to cheer the other way.

    Just let me know how 2009-2017 worked out for ya.


  3. we have been over due for a major correction for some time now….see zerohedge
    the media and others will panic, scream, and throw fits if it gets to 30%, but any long term inverter will just shrug it off. we have seen that much and more several times, and the market has always, eventually, recovered. it juswt means you can buy stocks for less money.
    and the LESS the government tries to “help” the quicker the recovery will be.
    if I may…. I predict a correction in the 25-30% range. if it gets to 50% I will join the ranks of majorly concern, but will not panic until it gets to 75%.


  4. October Surprise engineered by Obama-appointed head of the Fed. Done solely to panic the people into voting for the Dems. Not gonna happen at my house…


  5. I was wondering when the fed would try to fuck President Trump by dicking around with interest rates. We will see but I do not expect Trump to bail anyone out because they are too big to fail.


      • Sears f**ked themselves when they killed off the catalog instead of embracing the internet in the 90s and then doubled down by taking their core product lines and replacing them with cheap imported garbage.

        If Sears had their shit together we would have Sears online and not Amazon today.


        • Egg-zackly. And maybe it’s me, but their employees and sales staff developed a real give-a-shit attitude somewhere along the way.


  6. Not really sure why you are happy my 401k takes a hit. There are some theories out there about the Fed deliberately raising rate to screw Trump’s scalding economy for political gains


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