OK Hillary, You Asked For It Bitch

Ya know, for being the ALLEGED mastermind of an ALLEGED world wide crime syndicate, sometimes you are pretty fucking stupid.

This would be one of those times.

Dog whistling your lackeys and fellow idiot Democrats via the MSM telling them that they don’t need to be civil anymore just opened a can of Whoop Ass that you aren’t going to get the lid back on.


Hillary Clinton: You ‘cannot be civil’ with Republicans, Democrats need to be ‘tougher’

WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton says the time for civility is over.

After the bitter and partisan fight over the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the former secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate declared that President Donald Trump has undermined the integrity of the nation’s highest court and that it’s time for Democrats to be “tougher” with their opponents, in an interview with CNN published Tuesday

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” Clinton told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. “That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again.”

Clinton said that Senate Republicans under Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., “demeaned the confirmation process” and “insulted and attacked” Christine Blasey Ford – who testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about a sexual assault she alleges Kavanaugh committed in 1982 – along with other “women who were speaking out.”

Clinton compared the handling of Kavanaugh’s confirmation to “Republican operatives shutting down the voting in 2000,” the “swift-boating of John Kerry,” attacks on former Arizona Sen. John McCain in the 2000 Republican primary and “what they did to me for 25 years.”

“When you’re dealing with an ideological party that is driven by the lust for power, that is funded by corporate interests who want a government that does its bidding, you can be civil but you can’t overcome what they intend to do unless you win elections,” she told Amanpour.

Clinton compared Kavanaugh’s swearing-in ceremony at the White House on Monday to a “political rally” that “further undermined the image and integrity of the court.”

You better grab a napkin, there are some words you just uttered for national consumption that you are going to wind up eating.

“”You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,””

Talk about some projection there, damn woman.

You sure you ain’t got Slick Willies balls hiding under that Mumu?

Then there is this little jewel, I almost want to have this printed out and framed it so delicious,

“”When you’re dealing with an ideological party that is driven by the lust for power, that is funded by corporate interests who want a government that does its bidding, you can be civil but you can’t overcome what they intend to do unless you win elections,” “.

Expert level projection there honey.

By the way, you did hear about some 50,000 Sealed Indictments, did you not?

Not to worry, you’ll be busy with that later.

Right now you are too busy Dog Whistling, I understand.

You see, the thing is, you are pushing the wrong fucking buttons here darlin’.

The very last thing you want to see is a lack of civility.

You want to know why that is?

Because of people like me.

I sometimes have to really apply my self control as it is to stay even somewhat civil.

You know, that whole Deplorable thing.

Yeah, that’s me.

One of them there Dirt People you despise so much.

Your real problem is that there are several million other people out there who are just like me, without the restraint that I have, who have been foaming at the mouth for a chance to come after people like you and those dim witted morons you are whistling to.

You may have just given them all the permission they need.

You don’t want civility anymore in your politics?


Those stupid little whelps who call themselves ANTIFA?

Get ready boys, the game is on now, for realsies this time.

Remember Hillary, you specifically asked for what’s coming and I strongly suspect you are going to get WAY the fuck more than you bargained for.

The Republicans have been pussy footing around you miserable sonsabitches for way too long in my opinion anyway.

Afraid to hurt your little feelers or some fucking thing, I still haven’t figured out why they haven’t come after you motherfuckers hammer and tong myself.

That looks like it may change, as a matter of fact I do believe I saw little Miss Lindsey Graham grow a proto back bone just the other day and go after your mean old Granny Feinstein.

I about fell over.

Speaking of which, I think she may have just shit the bed and rolled around in it with that Blasey Ford business.

Between that and her Chinese spy driver, she may soon be unavailable for comment, let alone incivility.

She’s pretty good at that without your help anyway.

So Hillary, be advised.

You can expect more incivility than you ever expected and it is going to be directed at you and your un-indicted co conspirators in a big way.

We are sick and tired of you losers stomping your feet and crying when you don’t get your way. If you think throwing a fit and being an asshole is going to get you anywhere I’m here to tell you that you just pissed off some SERIOUS assholes.

The dirty fingernails and ring around the collar at the end of the day types.

We are going to show you how it’s really done.

The best part is that you asked for it.



19 thoughts on “OK Hillary, You Asked For It Bitch

  1. Damn Phil, she lit a fire in your panties… the bint lit a lot of fires that are smoldering and will fairly soon be a full blaze! I am thinking of moving back to Portland area so I can fun playing with those antifa kids, we just don’t have any here in fly over country like ya’ll do there and on the other coast.


  2. “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,”

    I do bleeve that’s the first thing That Woman has said that I agree with.


  3. I been ready since ANTIFA’s Day of rage last November. All I can say is these ANTIFA Clowns had better BYOBB (Bring your own body bag) Because they are going to need them


  4. Okay fellas, I’m going to comment on something that is not my business (me being an Aussie). The report that I read here of McCain being executed is the first really good news about US politics I’ve heard, since the ’16 presidential election itself.
    I’ve read tough talk on a few blogs, some from serious characters indeed, but I think the Clintons, and their kind, are sitting pretty and will remain so for the near future at least. Why so, because the Yanks I’ve met, and likely most readers here, are not soul-less stone killers, truly without mercy. Most are decent people, and that is what the PTB Cabal and their useful idiots rely on, and often is the only thing keeping them safe, apart from their hired guns and lawyers, that is.
    Phil, any chance you can score live footage of McStain getting his neck stretched/standing before a bullet-pocked wall/copping a hot-shot injection? Hell, I’d cough up for a pay-per-view, your followers could make you enough to buy a decent Dodge instead of Phoard crap!


      • I think it comes under the old saying of don’t go away mad, just go away. And while most Americans are indeed decent and not prone to being stone cold killers, the number of us who are at the least prepared to defend both ourselves and our constitution from enemies from without and within, numbers in the millions. And we are not only paying attention, but we are not going to let our nation be harmed by anyone, no matter what their name is.
        Hopefully, the ballot box will prove to be useful, and send some of the worst on their way, but some of the worst simply refuse to leave, even when they loose.


        • That is good, Pigpen51. I’m pleased that American patriots will take your country back. Just remind your friends not to pull any punches when it comes to doling out justice.


          • If the people who are like me are driven to the point where action becomes forced, no reminders will be needed. I truly hope it doesn’t come to that. Our country does best when we are able to work together, people of every political bent, and from every possible subcategory. That is where our strength lies.


    • What’s so cilvil about war anyway? And for the Aussie, McLame couldn’t have died quick enough – thankfully he died…..and Kavanaugh was approved by the Senate. I’m not convinced he wont be a liberal leaning douche (he’s from Montgomery Co. MD) but it’s a start.


      • Never hinted that war was civil.
        What I am pointing out though, is that throughout history Americans have shown a propensity to being quite vicious towards each other.


  5. Guys, take a lesson from the master, The Dread Pirate Putin. This Democrap talk is a setup. They are baiting you to do something rash, and just like in hockey or football, it is not the foul but the retaliation that gets the penalty. The best weapon against this is mockery, and Lord isn’t that easy to do with these steaming piles. They haaate it, but they have no comeback. The mockery will drive them to do something rash or slink away like the roaches they are. Stay cool, stay ready, just make sure they throw the first punch. Use Chad Thunderfist as your model.


    • This too, has been my thought. She is dumb like fox, with a foul smelly old box. She would giggle with glee, and probably wet her drawers with pee, to have started a fight between the left and right. So no one should get too hot, let them fire the first shot. Then it becomes SELF DEFENSE. …”Honestly Officer, I feared for my life, the safety of my family, and the security of my home.”


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