I May Have Just Trick Fucked That Damn Bronco For A Temporary Fix

I got to thinking about that damn thing a while ago and the thought came to me that the only problem I am having with this computer issue is that it keeps fucking with the idle speed.

Last night I went to the store and it wanted to idle at 3,000 RPM. Yeah, that ain’t gonna fly.

It just dawned on me. The computer is using the Idle Air Bypass solenoid to accomplish this fuckery.

I just went out and started it, cranked the idle hard stop screw in a bit, unplugged that fucking solenoid and then adjusted the idle speed to 900 RPM.



Now the computer can’t fuck with it anymore.

The wife and youngest boy went up to Seattle early this morning so they can watch the Rams kick the shit out of the Seahawks which means I am watching our oldest boy who is autistic.

She needs a day off once in a while so I try to step up to the plate and help make that happen.

That means I more than likely won’t be driving the Bronco anywhere until tomorrow. Either way, I still have the Caballero.

I’d like to thank everyone for their suggestions and offers of help. you know who you are.


It’s not a money issue, it’s a stubborn old bastard problem.

Unfortunately that condition seems to be permanent and worsening by the day.

There is only one cure for it and you will know when it happens because this blog won’t be getting updated anymore after that.

2 thoughts on “I May Have Just Trick Fucked That Damn Bronco For A Temporary Fix

  1. I’ve always had Chevy trucks due to parts availability and interchangeability. But I deviated from that a couple years ago when I bought a VW Syncro Vanagon.
    This particular van has a Subaru EJ22 motor installed by the previous owner. ECU, sensors, and harness from the donor car and grafted to the VW wiring. It came with a bundle of paperwork including a dozen or so pages documenting his efforts to get it to pass CA smog. He was ultimately successful but the effort apparently exhausted him and I picked it up at a reasonable price.

    Then it was my turn at bat. It took me a year or so to track down and kill the remaining gremlins lurking in the wiring. These conversions are fairly popular now. But take it from me- let a pro do the harness graft.


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