Raise Your Hand If You Didn’t See This Coming

Because I did, it never seems to fail lately.

I went out late last night to see if that Bronco would start just because.

It did, just barely.

I could hear that new fuel pump running but instead of running for a second, building pressure and shutting off, it just kept running.

I went out there this morning and it did the same thing except this time it was a No Start.

To say I was pissed off would be a great understatement.

Furious would be closer.

So then of course then it turned into a complete shit show, calling and dealing with those dumb motherfuckers at NAPA again.

To be courteous, I am going to give you the condensed version.

They don’t have another one. Yes, they still have my original one.

Good, I will be in to get it back.

I need another one one ASAP so I can get back and forth to work.

Drive over there with the new one after taking the sonofabitch back out and hear this,

The fastest we can get one is from the vendor in PhillyFuckingDelphia and we can’t get it here before next Friday.

I am going out of town for the weekend next Friday.

Why don’t you try a U-Pull It wrecking yard?

(Insert look of stunned disbelief  on my part here)

Why don’t YOU  give me my old ECM and money back, order the fucking new one and call me when it gets here.

I swear to God, I have been buying parts from NAPA for FORTY FUCKING YEARS NOW

I have slowly witnessed not only the quality of their parts go in the toilet but especially, the quality of their hired help.

The young man behind the counter had no clue how to complete the transaction nor correctly order the part, the surly old bitch who someone has pathetically put in charge because of Muh Diversity or something can see that I am completely fucking pissed off, will not even look at me nor talk to me and completely fucking ignores me while she schools the dumb kid on how to do his fucking job, then announces she is going to lunch and might as well have told me to go fuck myself on the way out.

I’m sure she could see that I was close to grabbing someone by the throat and choking the life out of them so she was careful to stay just out of reach as she did all this..

They used to have competent parts people behind the counter but have literally run them all off.

I am all done with these cocksuckers.

So I got the electrons transferred back into my account, grabbed my old processor and walked out the fucking door.

On my way home I decided to swing by another parts place that has been a stalwart community member for over thirty years that I have been going to to see what they had to say.

I swear to you on my Mother’s grave, it was almost exactly the same thing.

Dumb kid behind the counter, didn’t know how to order the part, had to have another guy come over and hold his hand throughout the entire process and BEST OF ALL, find out they have to get it from THE EXACT SAME SUPPLIER AS NAPA, back in PhillyFuckingDelphia, except even better, it will take TWO WEEKS!

I thanked them for their time, snagged my old processor off the counter, came home, put that dirty motherfucker BACK In again and the cocksucker went VROOOM and started right the fuck up.

I am so pissed off and disgusted right at the moment I am beside myself.



21 thoughts on “Raise Your Hand If You Didn’t See This Coming

  1. Karma is sure fucking with you… We can’t shoot this stupid ass wipes yet and why companies do that to us, I have theories, but no answer. It has gotten so bad I even at Wally world will go out of my way to go to a white checker and if no one then leave the cart and go to another place. I wonder the reman processor has chinese chips in it?


  2. Ha i lived 20 miles west of Philly for 56 years, now in SW Fl for the last 13.
    Hang in there it will eventually get better i think????????????????


  3. I worked at Grandview Auto parts all through college in the 80’s. We had catalogs no magic PC and were expected to know our stuff. 3pm to 12 midnight six days a week. So much for a social life.


  4. Have you tried rock auto ? It’s a auto parts web site. I’ve had fairly good luck with them . Usually two or three day delivery


  5. I found a bunch of vendors for cpu’s for Rangers on the web a couple weeks ago. I just did a search for the part, and they came up. Some variation on quality and price, and shipping time.

    Ended up going to my local O’reily’s since they said they could have it the next day. Paid a little more for faster service. Runs better, but still doesn’t pass smog. Still holding on to the original cpu for a bit, they say I can take the core in later for credit.


  6. What you;re seing is the destructive “Home Depot/Walmartization” of another industry: stock only the fastest moving (and highest profit) items (in retail inventory turns are king and drive the business) handled by lowest common denominator employees. If the tech employed (supposedly) contains the expertise, it doesn’t need to be in the employees so the business’ knowledge base erodes to zero. That works fine with 2X4s, canned soup and diapers, with complex machinery, not so much.

    Don’t know anything about Rock Auto, never used them, but I suspect many of the local “auto parts” stores could be put out of business by an extremely competent 24X7 internet service offering phone, email and emailed photo consultation and overnight parts delivery.


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  8. Never had a worry when I went into the Camas NAPA, because Scott Coffman was behind the counter, and he was excellent. If you held up a part, he could tell you what it was, what it came out of, and what it cost. And they always had it in stock.
    But that was a different time.


    • I remember him. There was another guy there that left, came back and then left again that was really good too. I can see his face but can’t remember his name.
      He was kinda grouchy but knew his stuff.
      That’s it. It just came to me.


  9. Phil I worked for NAPA back in the 80s till 94 . The delivery drivers knew more about parts than most countermen do today. A friend still owns a NAPA he has catologs with more margin notes than print . If its pre 90 he can eyeball most parts .


    • There is a NAPA about ten miles from me that I used to use for work that still has good people in it. They can find things nobody else can but it’s a PITA to have to drive all the way over there.


  10. Our last independent auto parts store here closed about 15 years ago. I was forced to start going to NAPA. The one here isn’t bad,you can pick out the parts guy who knows his business. For the ultimate in aggravation one needs to go to the idiots at Auto Zone. The want to know if your rig has air conditioning when you are there to buy a replacement door handle.


    • I went to a parts store one time with a rag joint off the steering column at the gear box for a 72 Ford LTD to be told by the genius behind the counter that it didn’t have one according to his books and I had the fucking thing IN MY HAND!


    • YIKES!
      Yeah they have one for the Bronco, several choices actually. All at $300 a pop.
      That would be the next to the last resort, right before trying a Ford dealer.
      Thanks for thinking of me and taking the time to send me the links though.
      If I had the space and the money I would build a new 351 Windsor for this thing with a 2 barrel carburetor and a distributor with points and condenser.
      Then I would take great pleasure in gutting the thing of all of that electronic crap.


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