Well THAT Was Pleasant

I  just got woke up at 11:18 sharp out of a sound sleep by a screaming National Alert on my phone which was mere inches from my head.

Fuck me, it’s gonna be a long day now, I was up until 6:30 this morning but there ain’t no way I’m getting back to sleep after that adrenaline hit.

I’m awake now for sure.


Looks like Trump likes to cover all his bases and want’s to make sure it works for when he declares Martial Law.

(Fixed, thanks, wasn’t quite awake yet)



8 thoughts on “Well THAT Was Pleasant

  1. I didn’t get the alert either. I’ve got most alerts turned off on my phone, so that might be why, but I doubt it since supposedly you can’t turn it off…


  2. 100 seconds in the microwave oven will fix that cell phone so you will never have another emergency alert from those people you are disinterested in.


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