From the Youtube description,

The AML5.56™ Automatic Magazine Loader is a military-quality universal magazine loader system, designed to automatically load all 5.56mm bullet magazines from all manufacturers. It operates quickly, painlessly and efficiently!

• Eliminates hand injuries – Safety above all!!
• MMFS – Modular Magazine Feed System – Load all manufacturers
5.56mm / .223 magazines
• Eliminates damage to magazine feed lips
• Prolongs magazine life
• Highly reliable
• Printable Reports • Loads 30 bullets in 10 seconds
• Loads 360 magazines in ONE HOUER
• Holds up to 2000 bullets (with an external silo up to 10,000 bullets)
• Powerful Control Panel, Simple operation

• Air pressure ( optional small and quiet air compressor)
• Electricity: 220V / 110V

• Weight (kg): 250
• Dimensions: L830 X W1100 X H1530 mm


Link sent to me via subscription to Homemade Tools.

2 thoughts on “Brilliant!

  1. A good friend who enjoys tools will appreciate the link.
    But, if you need “360 magazines [.223] in one hour”, you are using the WRONG caliber.


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