Bring It.

See this guy?


He is INCREDIBLY fucking stupid.

To whit,

Think Progress Editor Tweets Republicans Should Be Confronted In Their Homes. Shapiro Issues One Hell Of A Warning.
by Daily Wire
September 28, 2018
On Friday, Ian Millhiser, justice editor at the hard-left site Think Progress, who got his law degree from Duke University, decided to wax militant regarding Republicans, tweeting they should be confronted not only where they eat, but in their own bedrooms:


Millhiser’s belligerent militancy triggered this blunt and entirely logical response from Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro:


Can you believe this Millhiser guy?

If I had see this sooner I would have been banned off of Twitter by now for telling this dumb fuck what he really needs to hear.

There is no need for me to elaborate, if you read my stuff then I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of what I would have said to this cretin.

It’s been said a lot recently and it’s true, these stupid motherfuckers are actually BEGGING FOR IT now.

The Left has abandoned any sense of civility and are openly calling for violence at every turn.

You know what?

Fucking BRING IT you stupid cocksuckers.

You God Damn Commie Motherfuckers are going to get what you have been asking for and then some because you have absolutely no idea what a monster you are fixin’ to unleash.

Dumb bastards, even our government is afraid to take us on in a fair fight.

They ain’t that stupid.

Apparently you are.

Works for me.

22 thoughts on “Bring It.

  1. The left likes to post people’s phone numbers and addresses and generally I oppose what is called “doxing”.

    BUT, when someone makes this kind of call to violence I think that thoughtful and rational people might need to know if this douche nozzle happens to live by their family. And those of us who wish to see if sparky is serious about wanting to get froggy.

    Inquiring minds wish to know

    MSG Grumpy


    • If Sparky follows the form in these situations, he merely wants someone else to do the confronting; he provides the encouragement.


    • The Sheriff would probably approve of it saves his office the trouble. I tweeted that A**hole if he tried that with me he had better BYOBB (bring your own body bag)


  2. Fair fight? Fair Fight? I am not obligated to fight fair, I will fight as dirty handed and sneaky as I can. No ROE’s except my ROEs which like fight club is there isn’t any rules, and we don’t talk about it… You notice that this crap only happens in lefttard cities and areas, like Paul M said “Shoot,Shovel, Shut” They know happens in the rural areas. They know we are armed and most know how to shoot larger prey out to distance.


    • yes they pull their crap where their opponents cannot be armed. One of these days they are going to try it where people can CCW or somebody is not going to follow the rules and these idiots are going to get dead not just shot DEAD.


    • My idea of a “fair fight”, Thunder Dome. I get the chain saw, and the other dumb SOB gets a Nurf bat. I do not get into “fights”. Visit physical violence on me, it will be combat for me, not a fight.


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      • All you get here is a flash. Smile for the camera, because if you hear the bang that only means I missed and follow-ons are a coming as fast as I can pull the trigger. Oh, and at “bedroom distance” I don’t miss, even without my glasses.


  4. happiness is a belt fed weapon with a tractor trailer full of appropriate ammo and spare barrels.
    we take personal security very seriously. we have training and weapons at hand. always. there is no safety on some of them as the holster works well for that. these usually have a round chambered so as to maximize magazine capacity. every odd round is SAP and every even round is JHP. often intermixed in the mags is what is known as a dum-dum.
    we consider all credible threats of violence and death to our person or family to be something to be responded to in the most lethal fashion possible regardless of place or time. gun, knife, teeth, elbow, fist, foot. doesn’t matter to us. can’t pay a penalty if your dead.
    the ammo we load is supersonic, so the asshats don’t even hear the BANG!
    police are taught to empty the magazine when firing at a credible threat. we are taught to fire until all brownian motion ceases.
    in the end, when fuck you is just not good enough there is M-67.
    And to think some people tell me I have a bad attitude. they don’t have a clue.

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    • These dickheads seriously don’t know how easy it is to find them, especially those who do the courtesy of having their picture on their tweets. I do intell folders as a hobby. Even before the net, it wasn’t that hard.

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  5. Mr. Wheat dick: I’ll kin be a waitin’, brang whatchagot. ….US hwy 40 and county rd 217. 80105. Dirt nap or similar appointment.


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