Breaker Breaker



I dunno, something just ain’t right to me here.

Look closely and you will notice that the knife switch is in the down position. Every single breaker we have at work would be in the OFF position if it was like that.

Either fucking way, I wouldn’t be getting up close to take pictures if I saw that shit going on!

10 thoughts on “Breaker Breaker

    • I knew something wasn’t right. My eyesight went in the toilet quite a while ago and is getting worse. I can’t read what it says at the top,
      Thanks for “enlightening” me.


      • ‘s okay.
        I still want one.

        It’ll make a helluva prop to teach people about “scene safety” before they jump in to rescue folks.

        Back in the day we used to hire Hollywood makeup artists to teach disaster medical care, and once they even found a amputee whose stump was bloodied up to simulate someone who’d lost a leg.

        Scared the shit outta a class full of students.
        The video we shot was priceless.


  1. Many of us keep a voltage sensor thingy around our neck. “Off” is never “Off”, until the gizmo verifies “Off” and there are shorting jumpers in place. Double feeds, back feeds, and idiot switch flippers are everywhere. And that disconnect ain’t rated for lightning bolts, although 120-440V will do yah and don’t give warning sparkles.


  2. Some low voltage blinky LEDs and some twitch solenoids; I’m liking that I ought to make me one to hang over the doorbell. That should handle the door-to-door annoyances.


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