No Joke

You haven’t lived until you make the mistake of letting a Dungeness crab get a hold of you.

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6in 160mm Diagonal Side Wire Cutting Snip Pliers Insulated Soft Grips (4)-1024x768_0

no joke

Them little fuckers don’t let go and they WILL draw blood.

Some of the best eatin’ on the planet though.

Given the chance, I will eat enough to damn near make myself sick.

4 thoughts on “No Joke

  1. Was told that if you grasp a blue crab by the back end of it’s shell it can’t reach your fingers. It’s true, they can’t. Until they can, especially the big ones…


  2. Is that carrot cooked, or raw? Big diff. I don’t care personally. If it weren’t for butter, crab would me not that good. Just my opinion.


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