The Rest Of My Sunday

After I spent 45 minutes looking for the plastic shaft adapter bushings I know I fucking had somewhere but couldn’t find in my highly organized little shop of chaos, I said fuck it and headed over to Harbor Freight.

At one time, they used to sell those little motherfuckers in a kit for a few bucks.

I know this because I have bought them before.

For those who haven’t read the last post, I am talking about these.


Anyway, I get over there and immediately see a couple of big white tents out in the middle of the parking lot with crates and boxes of shit stacked all around but no people.

Whatever, must be something going on there soon.

I parked the rig, got out and started heading into the joint but then I see they have their every fucking month anymore “Parking Lot Sale” going on.

That would explain the tents but they have never done that before, they usually just pile and stack shit up on the sidewalk in front of the store and bigger than shit, they it is.

I’m kinda on a mission here but hold the fucking phone, they have Bench Grinders on sale.

I’m sure everyone remembers the last project ,


and is wondering what the fuck I need another bench grinder for.

Well, I didn’t, kind of.

I already have a Harbor Freight 8 inch Bench Grinder that I got about 3 years ago and I use the absolute shit out of it but not for grinding. I have a wire wheel on it and I use that thing constantly for cleaning up old bolts, nut and parts.

Lately I have been noticing that the anemic little bitch has lost almost all of it’s torque whenever I am trying to wire wheel something. It slows down and actually stops if I am pushing parts into it very much at all. It ain’t like the thing was a power house to begin with but it has basically gotten pathetic and irritating.

I have been scouring Craigslist for a couple of months but anything that has caught my eye is always clear the fuck and gone away and not worth the time, effort, gas and money on top of everything to go look at even.

So here sits this brand new, shiny motherfucker of a Bench Grinder that even has a lamp attached to it screaming at me from twenty feet away.

Yeah, fuck you, I ain’t that easy whore.

So I dick around a bit looking at Buffers and shit before sliding over and seeing what all we has here.

Hmm, 8 incher, has the light, what’s this?


I snagged a cart and threw it in the thing and headed inside , back to my original mission. Everywhere else I have been looking at them has been wanting right at a hundred.

The wife ain’t gonna be happy but she is still at her folks.

As soon as I walked through the front door I was absolutely shocked to see the entire front half of the place bare floors empty.

I ain’t kidding.

Apparently they are rearranging the entire fucking store. There are a bunch of guys over at the left side against the wall installing some kind of panels for hanging shit on and there are boxes of stuff stacked up all over the place.

So where I used to be able to walk in and go directly to whatever it was I was looking for, now I have no idea where anything is at anymore.

The best part?

Neither does any of the minimum wage clowns working there.

Fuck, me.

It took me fifteen minutes to find the wire wheels. another three or four to figure out they don’t sell the little adapter kits I came for originally and another couple to finally open up a box with a wire wheel inside and see there are adapters inside the box.

That means I have to buy the wire wheel also.

Fuck it. I threw it in the cart, went back up front and paid for the shit with my credit card.

This is going to piss the wife off even more.

I don’t give a fuck. there was zero balance on the damn thing and the total came to a whopping $66.00.

Back to the house, open everything up, start putting the guards and shit on then stop and start swapping shit. I wound up putting two wire wheels on the new one and started to put one of the new wheels off the new grinder onto the old one when I noticed this,


This is no fucking bueno amigo.

That is a motherfucking bomb waiting to blow up in your face.

I had actually already had the thing plugged in and spun up to speed at one point to make sure the damn thing worked too.

Back to Harbor freight with the wheel, the receipt and the $8.00 extended warranty paper to get that shit replaced.

The thing is, I already know how this is gonna play out because I been to Granny’s house before.

They are going to want me to take the whole damn thing back and exchange it.

I ain’t wanting to go through all that horseshit again.

It’s PITA to repack all that crap.

So in I go, find some grumpy ass Millenial at the counter and start in. he’s pissed off at some coworker and pouting like a three year old, I am trying to sweet talk him into just swapping out the wheel and he don’t want to help me. I kept after his ass though and I finally just went and grabbed a new wheel after he claimed he didn’t even know if they had any or where they were if they did.

So now he is trying to figure out how to do this without a receipt for just the wheel because he’s a fucking dumbass and sure as shit because I knew it was going to happen before I even left the house, he calls the manager over.

I explain what is going on, show him the obviously brand new wheel with the huge crack in it and tell him all I want is a new wheel.

We go around for just a bit and I can see he has other shit going on so he caves in, tells the dumbass to run the paperwork through like I exchanged the grinder and away I go.

Worked like a charm.

Now I have a new bench grinder with two wire wheels on it and a lamp. I am liking that lamp shit too.

I also still have the old one with two wheels on it because I still had the original wheel from that one stashed away because I immediately put a wire wheel on that too when I got it and still have the brand new wheel I just got from the exchange.

Unfortunately, the adapter kit that came with the wire wheel didn’t fucking work for the buffing wheels on the project I was trying to finish and that was the whole point of me going to Harbor freight in the first place!

So then I had to go back to digging through my shit but I did find it, obviously, and it was actually right where I thought it should be when I first started looking in the first place. Except I didn’t open the box. It was inside the wire wheel box from when I bought the first grinder, took the the grinding wheel off, threw it and the adapters into the wire wheel box and stuffed it on a bottom shelf where I couldn’t see it.

Now I’m thinking I am just going to give the old HF grinder to my kid because I don’t need it.

All in all I was a busy little asshole all day Sunday.


5 thoughts on “The Rest Of My Sunday

  1. Same story everywhere you go with the dumbasses. I bought a new shotgun a few years back at a chain sporting goods store to take on a waterfowl hunting trip to New Brunswick, Canada. Got it home to play with it and noticed that instead of having a modified and a full screw in choke tube, it had two modifieds. I kind of needed the full choke more than the modified. Besides that I wanted what I was supposed to get. Took the extra modified tube back with my receipt and explained the situation. Kid behind the counter said that I would have to bring the whole gun back for an exchange. Nope, not gonna fucking happen. That would entail doing another set of paperwork just to get a choke tube. I told him that if he didn’t just get me one out of another gun that I was going to choke his sorry ass. Time to talk to the manager. Got the same story from him. He also said that they would have to return mine to the manufacturer as defective merchandise so that they could be reimbursed. I told him just give me a fucking full choke tube from another box and send that one back then. He wasn’t willing to do that either. The back and forth went on for a couple more minutes until I finally blew my stack and started yelling and threatening bad reviews and calling their corporate headquarters to let them know what kind of morons that they employed. That finally worked. All this for something that should have taken about 30 seconds to complete. Yeah, Dick’s Sporting Goods were dicks even back in 2007. Way before their AR-15 bullshit. I’ve never been back since…………..


    • I have a few different sizes that I put in my drill press. A little awkward to use sometimes since they’re horizontal instead of vertical, but it works pretty good…..


  2. I feel your pain. Stopped at the local market, every time we walk in they have new employees. Went to C.S. shortest line. Cashier starts ringing up our items, looks at my youngest daughter, “Weren’t you her yesterday??” Why sure bitch, I think, so where you. Just do your fucking job, and keep your Liberal mouth shut, Another old bitch always says back again?? Yes I’m keeping your ass employed. One of this days, I’m going to starting thinking out loud to these idiots. We have the same issues at one of our gas stations. They have an old bitch, who wants to bond, and asks too many questions. I’d stop going there but of the 3 stations in town its the nicest and cleanest.


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