Almost Done

I’ll let you guys be the judge but I am just flat tickled that this thing actually turned out almost exactly as I had envisioned it in my minds eye when I first had a good look at it and saw what it could be.

This VERY rarely works out for me. Like in just a handful of projects in my entire life.

The before and after pictures,




IMG_20180923_155650 (1)

IMG_20180923_155707 (1)



Coming up with that little red plastic shaft adapter turned into a complete fucking fiasco which will be the subject of a future blog post.

But there it is.


Now I have an old electric motor to clean up and change the mount on, then I have to go visit a buddy of mine whenever we can get our schedules to sync up and get something to mount both of them on.

It will probably be done next weekend if it all works out.

In reference to the fiasco mentioned above, I’ll give you a hint of how to tell I have some little project going on and how they typically work out.


Just peek in the window of one of my rigs and see if there is a big pile of receipts.

That tells the story of how things are progressing and what I wind up spending a lot of my time on.

Running back and forth trying to round shit up to get something done and repeatedly finding out I still need something else.

Coming soon, my little adventure at Harbor Freight this afternoon.

Some things never change…..

6 thoughts on “Almost Done

    • Thanks. Just taking a quick peek so far at the links you provided tells me that the guy who did all that is in another galaxy when it comes to talent compared to what I do. It also caused me to start salivating. I bookmarked the shit out of it so I can go get a drool bucket and start checking more of it out.
      way cool.


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