We Shall See

So I went out and did the whole Brake Master Cylinder replacement thing today.

Just like every other motherfucking time I do any damn thing, it required yet another trip back to the parts house of course.

I went and bought the new master cylinder, brake fluid and a can of Brake Kleen yesterday.

Was I smart enough to open the box before I got home?

Oh Hell No.

I pulled it out of the box so I could Bench Bleed it and make it easy on myself when I actually installed it.

The last several times I have bought a master cylinder, it had a little kit in the box to do just that. Two plastic fittings with nipples on one end and some plastic tubing to go from the nipples back into the reservoir.

Ya put the thing on the rig, install the nipples and tubing, fill the thing up with brake fluid and then get inside and step on the pedal a dozen times.

This pushes the air out and it fills it with brake fluid, thus eliminating the need for a helper to push on the brake pedal while you go crack brake lines and make a big fucking mess. Except I did it with the thing in a vise.

I thought I was going to snap the studs off of the damn brake booster the  nuts were on there so fucking tight. Major leverage was required and there was a loud SNAP when they finally broke loose. I loosened up the brake lines just a hair, got the nuts off, pulled the cylinder off the studs and then grabbed it and bent the brake lines so they were pointing straight up. Only then did I unscrew the fittings.

This keeps brake fluid in them right to the very top.

Then I took the lines off, set the old cylinder aside, kept the ports pointing up on the new one until I was over the brake lines and then flipped it over and stabbed the lines.

. The result is basically no fucking air in the brake lines. Started the fittings until they were finger tight, grabbed it and bent the lines back into the original position and then stabbed the cylinder onto the studs.

After that it was just tightening everything up and top it off with fluid.

As tight as those nuts were and after seeing this, I’m not sure that wasn’t the original 30 year old master cylinder.


If not then someone was stupid enough to pay Ford retail prices at some point.

Either way, I changed the damn thing.

Now I am going to take a minute and go off on a side note here.

When I posted about having the brake pedal go to the floor, one of my readers left this comment.

Intermittent operation of a basic mechanical system seems odd until you mentioned antilock…..are you sure it’s not that part of the system?

I didn’t respond to it because it was very late and I was literally about to fall asleep with this laptop still sitting in my lap.

I did remember it when I woke up however.

My point here being that please do not ever think that I don’t read every single comment that someone takes the time to leave here.

Sometimes I reply, other times  I may have other things going on or be unable to reply because I am on my phone at work and then get busy and forget about it.

I do read every comment though.

So when I remembered this comment, I also remembered the damn Anti-Lock light started coming on out of the blue a few weeks ago and it caused me to start surfing the net and then I wound up going down a rabbit hole.

I did find many sources and videos describing the exact same symptoms I had that in the end were found to be caused by the Anti-Lock system.


All of those were on much later vehicles with a different Anti-Lock system.

I’m still not 100% this thing is cured even after driving it a few times already.

I am going to be very fucking aware of what is front of me for quite some time and see how this plays out. If I don’t have any more trouble after a week or two, I may start feeling better about the whole thing.

I still need to do the rear brakes, front pads and then dive into this Anti-Lock issue anyway.

After I got done with that I once again had my attention drawn to a wet inner fender on the drivers side that seemed to be covered in oil. It’s been like that since I got it.

I yanked the cover off the air filter and pulled it out. I immediately saw the source of this issue then



Cock. Sucker., whoever that guy is needs to have his ass kicked.

There is supposed to be a small paper filter underneath the air filter for the crank case vent air flow to dump into the air cleaner.

I call ’em Tampons.

SBD* turned out to be ripping the oil soaked paper filter out of the plastic housing and stuffing felt in there, retained by a thin strip of steel jammed against both inside edges to hold it in. This in turn merely allowed the resulting oil from Blow By to collect inside the air filter housing and then drip out of a drain hole directly onto the top of the plstic inner fender.

This is after I took it out and apart, sprayed it with brake cleaner to get rid of the oily fucking mess, so you can actually see what I am talking about. Before I did that you could only see something with oil dripping out of it.


I mean really.

Are you fucking kidding me?


This is after I spent twenty minutes cleaning everything out and putting a new Tampon in.


But of course, I had to make YET ANOTHER TRIP BACK TO THE FUCKING PARTS HOUSE to get one. I snagged a new air filter while I was at it and threw that fucker in too.

Jesus H. Fucking Christ.

I’m not kidding, I’m gonna be finding SBD* on this thing for years.

The only thing that worked in my favor on that SBD* was that the dumb bastard somehow didn’t manage to lose the special little metal clip that the flanged hose end  uses to snap onto the Tampon housing.

A minor miracle there.




*= Shit Bubba Did

I should fucking trademark that shit right there.

Fucking moron, whoever he is.


11 thoughts on “We Shall See

  1. If you don’t trademark SBD, I bet Sarthurk will. chuckling, and you might want to check if Larry the Cable Guy reads the blog, he may steal that.


  2. May I suggest a quality vacuum bleeder when you get around to the brakes. (If you don’t already have one.) It saves tons of time. I haven’t flogged the brake pedal in years.


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