12 thoughts on “Feather Duster or Magic Wand?

      • Agree as well – crystalline iodine and ammonium hydroxide. Stable when wet, very unstable when dry. My high school chemistry teacher let me play with it until she unknowingly tossed a big chemistry handbook (CRC for all you Chemical nerds out there) on top of a piece of filter paper with some of the stuff that had dried on it, which promptly launched the book across the lab. Lots of fun. Metallic sodium can also be fun when mixed with the Trinity River in Dallas! Guess I was inspired by all that fun since I ended up with a degree in Chemistry …


    • That was my first thought. Amonium tri-iodide. A contact explosive we made in physics class, then taped it to a Vandegraff generator, and let static electricity kick it off. In small amounts, of course. In large amounts, we were never allowed to touch the stuff. But the color looks just the same.


  1. We took out an entire row of lockers at school making a batch of this stuff and thinking we’d take it home.

    We didn’t take into account the person whose locker was close to the chem lab getting sent home early for some family emergency and disappearing for near a month while the protective layer keeping it wet evaporated and it crystallizing.


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