I Finally Found A Clue

Damn it took some digging though.

I see I wasn’t smart enough to take any pictures of my little barn find grinder before I tore into it and I could have sworn I did but apparently not. Anyway, when I went and picked it up, it had this funky attachment that came with it and it has been puzzling the shit out of me ever since. I know it has something to do with sharpening shit but I’m also thinking there is a piece missing. There will be more research coming.



With no manufacturer’s name, date, part number or any thing else, it ain’t easy tracking this kind of thing down.

This is about as close as I have gotten and it is pretty brief but at least it gives me some idea.




6 thoughts on “I Finally Found A Clue

  1. Hm, should have asked me…..Yep that’s for sharpening a sickle bar. Or a mower that cuts alfalfa and grass hay for the cattle down on the farm. Now, I’m not old enough to have used one; but I grew up with stuff like that collecting dust in the corner of the shop. I grew up with mowers that had replaceable sickle sections.



  2. Here’s a good video of what a sickle mower does:

    One word of caution……When you move from field to field; you need to fold up the bar; it makes the unit smaller……..NEVER, NEVER, NEVER pick up the mower bar by grabbing the sickles or the sickle guards…. If you pick up the bar to put it into transport mode; the sickle bar itself can slip down and lop off a finger…..


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