On Deck

Since I can post images again I thought I would share my next little project with y’all.


I started cleaning on it last night.

It’s a home made grinder  I got as part of my haul from the old guy across the street the other day. He told me his Dad made it thirty odd years ago and I’m here to tell ya that I have seen 5 ton jack stands that look puny compared to this thing.

Since I already have A Horror Freight bench grinder plus the one I just got put back together yesterday, I haz something else in mind for this little jewel.

Something I have been wanting for a couple of years now and I think this is a perfect candidate.

Notice how that shaft sticks way the hell out?

Oh yeah, it’s time.



2 thoughts on “On Deck

  1. You want a buffing wheel! You seem to like things that go round and round… You need a shop. Your garage is gonna get packed one day with all the treasures you have and get…


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