They Say Jesus Was A Carpenter

If that’s true then I bet He was upstairs laughing his ass off watching me fumble fuck around trying to get that grinder and motor mounted earlier today.

As with virtually everything I do, it may not be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes when I get done but it fucking works. This adventure was no different.


The slotted board came with the motor, it looks crooked but I put a level on the motor before I tightened it down. The hole I fucked with repeatedly is still a bit tight on one side and that’s after I slid both pulleys over. Meh, the belt will rub it’s self in and the metal shelf brackets aren’t really doing much at this point after I screwed the 1X2’s underneath to stiffen everything up. I only have two hands and it was a three handed operation. That fucking motor is heavy trying to hold it up with one hand while leveling and tightening up the bolts.

It took me about 3 hours total plus the mandatory multiple trips to get more boards and hardware but it’s up and it works. Hard to believe but it even spins the right way.


The flat grinding wheel was completely fucked, someone had been grinding something at an angle and wore it way down and it was way the hell out of balance too. I tried to resurface it but then a small chunk chipped off the other side after dressing it at least a quarter inch trying to get it flat.

That’s when I stopped, said Oh Fuck No and went over to Horror Freight to get a new one. I used the old 20% off coupon and got a new one. It’s fucked up too. Lots of side to side run out and it had gouges in the face too. I dressed it up and it will work until I can go get a good one.

All in all, I am going to call it a success. I still have to make some tool rests for it but I have about 12 feet of new 1 inch angle iron out there so that should be easy enough.


Now then to change the subject to something I have been trying to avoid.

This WordPress platform hasn’t cost me anything to use up until now.

They give you 3G of space for putting images on your blog at no charge.

I have now burned through that and it has come to the point I am going to have to start paying for this shit.

Don’t be getting all excited, I’m not asking for any money, I’m just letting you know what is going on.

I am going to have to get a domain name and pay for hosting, It’s cheap enough but it may be a couple of weeks before I get to it.

In the mean time I can either start deleting images from older posts to make room or refrain from posting images.

I am very loathe to delete shit, it’s a part of my history now for fucks sake.

So, I will be pondering my options here, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up in case you start noticing there ain’t any pictures up here for a while.

Gotta have ’em, it’s just a matter of me getting all the hoops jumped through.

Going back to Google’s Blogger is not an option.

What it really means is that you guys have pushed my traffic up enough to the point I need to get serious.

That’s a good thing and I thank you for your continued interest and support.

It kind of blows my mind actually.

So just for you, I am going to use the very last of the space allotted to post one last picture, then it’s all used up.



20 thoughts on “They Say Jesus Was A Carpenter

  1. Prick teaser!!!

    BTW-If that’s a real Gerstner tool chest, you better move it or it’s going to fill with all kinds of shit from that grinder!


  2. I save my posts before I put them on the web, they are not much but they are mine.
    As to the hosting, doing it “right” is usually the better thing to do (own the name) but sometimes it’s not the time. Wirecutter’s fix did work.

    That end bench is some kind of stout! Nice last picture too…


  3. If it works, you are happy then it is fine, it looks good to me and I am a half assed carpenter… I agree with Jerry above, get a cheap po box and I would send a few bucks your way like I do WC and a couple of others. I value your time putting stuff on and responding to us yokels and I value my time taking the time to be entertained and educated. And we don’t have to be PC or worry about offending here, just regular joes talking shit.

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  4. Your carpenting looks good and all historical carpenters couldn’t have done any better.
    Since a couple of years I am paying for using WordPress premium and just the other day I contacted their customer service asking about any possibility to get more storage space and the only thing they were able offering me was yet another upgrade that would cost me more than 300 bucks a year.
    I am not willing paying that much for blogging.
    What I will try instead is opening up another WordPress blog, uploading my files there and linking to them on my main blog. I guess that could work.
    Nice babe!
    I really like her haircut 😉

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    • I think it would just be easier to start a new blog and link to the original as an archive site.
      Sending the files from one to the other just fills the new one up with copied files while the originals are still at the first site.
      You would then have to manually delete them.
      Might as well just start a new one as it’s less work.
      And like you, I refuse to pay 300 bucks to blog.


    • The one the grinder is mounted to is home built a friend at work built it for me. The other one I got at Harbor Freight and I highly recommend it if you need one it is unbelievably Stout the only problem with it is the drawer slides are garbage but you can buy those and replace them.


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