The Fact That Someone Is Happy Here Is What Really Matters


Because I am happier than a pig in a fresh shit pile, my Old Geezer neighbor is happy and his women folk should be happy now too so they can get off his ass for a little while.

My Wife on the other hand, is most certainly not going to be happy though.

What is everyone so happy about?


IMG_20180914_133030 (1)

IMG_20180914_133000 (1)



I bought all that from the crabby old bastard for $120/

Two basically identical and fully functional Post Drills that have Auto Feed.

A home made grinder his Father built that you could park a bus on and not hurt plus a couple old electric motors that work and a Coffin Hoist.

Basically an 8 ton Come Along that uses a Motorcycle type chain.

4 Electric motors total that all work.

I am in need of one of those right away anyway for this,


The bearings came in a day early so I got up this morning and went and got a new belt for it and put this little jewel back together.

Now to clean up one of the motors and build something to mount them to.

I want to stack them vertically.

So the guy across the street is in his 80’s, his wimmins have been on his ass to start getting rid of all the shit he he’s been collecting for fifty plus years so they don’t have to deal with it when he kicks off but then they got pissy when he started just giving it away too.

So he made me a smokin’ deal. I have been wanting an old Post Drill for a long time.

He said they used both of these at some place he worked at forty years ago and they kept them functional because they were the only things they had that would drill though Leaf Springs.

Did you catch that?

Leaf Springs.

Have you ever tried to drill Spring Steel?

Not fucking happening without serious shit.

One of them does have a chipped tooth on the bevel gear but he says it didn’t affect it being used and the plate rest is missing off the bottom of it.

The other one has an Honest to God home made wooden pulley clamped to the hand wheel for the electric motor to spin it with but is also pretty much complete.

I am very seriously looking forward to going through both of them, swapping parts out if necessary and coming out with one that is 100% complete and usable.

Yep, I am tickled shitless about the deal.

The wife doesn’t even know about this, yet……..

Most of time the smart thing to do isn’t poking the bear in the first place.

Heh heh heh.

I should pull my head out of my ass and just start a business doing this shit.


8 thoughts on “The Fact That Someone Is Happy Here Is What Really Matters

  1. I look at some of the machines they used to make during the ” industrial revolution” and am truly amazed at just how smart some of the people were back then. They would look at what they needed to accomplish, then scratch their heads for a little bit, and then design an ingenious machine to do it. Usually with little human interference required, or at least little intelligent human interference required. They certainly would make a machine that needed a person to run it, but not an engineer to run it.
    I suspect that anybody my age or older, ( I am 58), who ever worked in a shop or foundry, has at one time or another, worked with one of the old machines, at least in the beginning. The thing about them was that while sometimes it took a bit of finesse to make them work right, they always worked, and did what they were supposed to do. Of course, with modern equipment, and computers, they are supposed to always work. But I found, working in a steel melt shop, that sometimes the old things had advantages that the new stuff could not match.
    We melted steel under a high vacuum, on one side of the shop. We used old fashioned mechanical gauges to monitor our pressures, and they always worked. We could take them apart and clean them. The company bought new electronic gauges, which were supposed to be better, more accurate. But of course, we could not take them apart and clean them. And since they were so expensive, the company would not let us replace them on any kind of a reasonable time period, so the ultimate effect was that our records showed that our pressures were going up on that one furnace, even though we knew it was just the recording device being used. But the powers that be would never admit that. When I left, after 35 years, they still would not admit that they had made a bad call on the new gauges, but were just simply using a cheat factor, and subtracting on paper to determine what number was reported.


    • Gotta love that shit.
      We have the same thing and all the units have to be “calibrated” every so often.
      Notice the quotation marks.
      All the numbers are hand written……


    • I’ve worked on electric panels that were over 100 years old. Slate back panel with brass studs coming through as tie-points. The contactors and control relays were all big, open-frame units with easily replaceable contacts. The dashpots used 10W motor oil and looked like an SU carb, but were rebuildable, and fully adjustable.

      And with the big panel meters and knife switches, it looked like something from Dr. Frankenstein’s Laboratory.

      But it worked, worked well and reliably, and had already lasted 100 years!


  2. Good idea. Plus, we can help. It just so happens, I have a “pull your head out of your ass” unit in the garage. It is sweet. 10HP motor, chain driven, with 2 ton come along attached. Perfect for your head. We will be over to your place Wednesday. Have beer on hand, and axle grease for lubing your head.


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