In Case You Were Wondering

What I found on the Wifely Unit’s car problem the other day, it actually turned out to be an easy enough fix, Thank You Jesus.

THIS, motherfucker, decided to shit the bed all at once,


As you can plainly see, an expedient field fix by double wrapping it with electrical tape after I laid a strip over the length of the split and then wrapping it with duct tape for reinforcement was enough to get the fucker going and get it home.

When I was Google searching pictures of the hose routing I ran into several horror stories of people having this marvel of modern technology having sudden and catastrophic failures at the most inopportune moment so it’s a known issue and just by coincidence the local Ford dealer just happened to have one of them on the shelf.

For a 14 year old vehicle…..

Uhmm, yeah, OK,I just got lucky, right?

$43 and change and out the door it went.

It was actually pretty simple to swap out, they used some funky push pin style of rivet to hold it to the core support but a little judicious prying popped it right off.


One thing I highly recommend having on hand if you decide you are just crazy enough to attempt your own vehicle repairs in this day and age is a set of these spring type hose clamp pliers.

These things are the shit,


The little tips swivel so you can get at those fucking clips when they are turned all cattywampus and that little lever allows you to lock them in place once you have it spread open. You can also see the little rivet I was talking about in that picture.

Hopefully you an see the crack in the little bitch, it split a long way when it failed.



The fact that that hard plastic motherfucker split and not any of the hoses is one reason why I hate modern machinery.

Plastic Fucking Parts do not belong on machinery and especially vehicles in high heat extreme condition applications.

You are just begging for failure.


I replaced the entire thermostat housing and Thermostat last year because that fucker is made out of plastic too and is also a high failure rate item.

Which it did.

BTW, yer damn straight I ran it long enough after I got done to make sure the electric fucking cooling fan is working.

24 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering

  1. A molded, plastic pipe to carry HOT coolant…….!!!

    Pretty fucking STOOPID.

    I just wrote “Hose Clamp Pliers” on my auto store list. Had a pair of those years ago, but they were in my tool set that got stolen.


    • Forgot to mention the “Suicide Hose” on my Supra. It’s buried under the intake manifold plenum chamber, and right up against the block. If it blows, and they often do because they never get changed, the engine commits suicide by blowing ALL the coolant out in an astoundingly short time and going into Terminal Overheat Mode.

      Mine’s getting replaced this winter with ALL the other hoses, the heater core, the fuel injectors, fuel filter, timing belt and tensioner, and the water pump, alternator, and starter.

      Kill it with a brick……


      • Sounds like you have it covered.
        The little British engines in the Sprites, Midgets , Morris Minors and Mini Coopers all had something sort of like that hose. There is a hump on the head that sticks out for the thermostat, the water pump is just below it and there is about a two and a half inch hose that goes on two nipples between the two that are so close together you have to pull the water pump off to change it. You can’t even see the damn thing though because it’s under the front of the head.


  2. People and manufacturer’s consider cars disposable these days. Get 200k out of them and you’re ahead money. My daughter is driving the car my wife bought 15 years ago that went to her brother 1st. Running on shoe strings and spit to keep it together.


    • The thing is, they are totally disposable now.
      Rigs like my 89 Bronco can be rebuilt over and over again.
      The new shit can’t.
      The little shit that breaks will eat you alive in expense, if you can even find the stuff new still.
      $43 for a plastic tube?
      Are you fucking kidding me?


  3. I had some of that plastic crap as part of the radiator on one my cars. I noticed a tiny leak one day, went to tighten a hose clamp, and the entire return spout on the radiator fell off.

    I don’t know what they put in antifreeze, or how they’re in cahoots with car manufacturers, but they sure have the timing down on when the plastic breaks.


  4. There is one thing that I hate more than plastic cross pipes, spring clip nipples and elbows in the engine compartment, and that is the genius that decided to use plastic end caps, with an o ring and bent metal grips for the upper and lower ends of radiators, that includes the heat exchanger inside the dashboard of German cars. Guess what fails first? Yep, the seal/plastic and then you have to frigging dismantle the entire dash/console/panel to get to it. Have done 2 of them so far, absolutely hate the job, You actually lucked out, the part was easily accessible.

    I would scrape/sand the old pipe along the crack then seal with copious JB weld. Save it as a spare. That or fabricate a replacement out of copper like god and apostle Henry of Ford commanded, does not look too complicated.

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    • I agree with you on the crimped plastic radiator tanks and such.
      I have never messed with one. I will just go buy a new radiator or heater core, every time.
      Too much room for failure after all the work it takes to get it apart and then recrimp it.


  5. I just got rid of a Mini Cooper and a Ford Fusion, both with less than 60K miles and less than 6 years old because I couldn’t trust either of them on trip more the range of one tank. They are making very cheap cars. I went with a model that has been in production for 6 years with a drive train that has been in production for 19 years – I am hoping they have worked the issues out and I have a dependable car.


    • Because I was a mechanic for so many years, I get people asking me what kind of car they should get all the damn time. Like I keep up with that shit?
      I quit working on cars for a living almost 20 years ago now.
      I tell them all the same thing though. I don’t give a fuck what anybody else thinks of these choices either, this is from my own observations.
      Honda, Toyota, Mazda, in that order.


  6. Andrew (above) beat me to it – it shouldn’t be too difficult to assemble some brass parts into a reasonable facsimile that will outlast the car, and probably accomplish it with not much more than the $43 required to keep a spare on the shelf. It would seem the other choice is just abandon the vehicle when it happens again.


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