Picked Up One Of These Sunday

I tried to cut the video down to spare you a bunch of babbling and dumbass explaining that he has had the thing for two years and it has been spinning backwards that whole time. apparently it didn’t work.

I saw one just like it, except think Old Fucking Barn Find condition, for $10 off of Craigslist Sunday afternoon. It was about 5 miles away. Still half mounted to a small chunk of 2X 10.

Mid 50’s to 60’s from what I can find, it’s a General Tool grinder but it was sold by everyone and their brother back in the day. They would just slap a different sticker on it.

It’s got some rust on it, missing one of the wheel guards and both of the tool rests. It did come with some funky double rod tool rest attachment on it I will have to get a picture of. It had wheels on it just like this one has. I spent almost two hours trying to get the wheels off, the right hand thread nut was froze up solid and nothing I tried would break it loose. It’s just a 5/8’s X 18 nut so I said Fuck It and used a nut splitter on it.

I’ll pick up a new nut later, at least the threads are still fine. The Left hand nut and threads are in great shape. The shaft is rusty as hell but that will be easy to clean up after I get it out.

The Cheap Jap bearings are pretty bad, I took those out this morning after I got home from work and then ordered some off of Ebay cheap. real common bearings.

I still have to get the belt pulley off the shaft and then I am going to take it to work and sand blast the body and wheel guard then hit it with some primer before bringing it back and painting it. The bearings are supposed to be here this weekend. Then I need to find a small motor for it and a new belt before I put it back together.

It’s a neat little project and pretty cheap all in all, so far.  Depending on what a little motor costs me, I’ll be in it about $35-45 when I’m done and it should be good to go for another fifty or sixty years. Long after I’m fucking dead anyway.

5 thoughts on “Picked Up One Of These Sunday

  1. Couple of years ago, I was tossing some junk onto a 30 yd.roll off at the dump when lo and behold i see a Dayton bench grinder just laying there. Still had a cord but the switch with the lock out pin was gone. Yeah, took her home cleaned it up, reconnected the wires and voila, new (to me) bench grinder. Sure, I hafta unplug it to shut it down but who cares, right?


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