2 thoughts on “Reminds Me Of Someone

  1. Hell, my mom used to cut us 4 boys hair at home. We all got the cut called the princeton, for the longest time. A butch haircut in the back, with bangs in the front.. Then as she got more creative, she started to do regular haircuts. Our hair was so thick, that she had to buy what were thinning scissors, which were sort of serrated with every other blade piece missing. When we got older, she and my dad by that time owned a restaurant, had a little more discretionary income, and paid for our haircuts.
    My football coaches wife used to cut me and my twin brother’s hair. He kept his hair longer, he was a sort of hippy type, back in the late 70’s. I kept mine shorter, I was sort of a redneck or a square. But mostly, my football coach had a wife who was hot. I mean, she was scorching hot. She would cut my hair, lean herself on me, and cut while her tits were touching me, and she was talking away, not noticing, but I sure was. I know that she didn’t realize what she was doing, since she was a religious sort. But I would have let her shave my head, if it meant she had to sit on my lap to do so.
    Of course, now, me and my 3 brothers are all pretty much bald. I cut my own hair, with electric clippers, and if I am feeling ambitious, my razor. People don’t realize that the totally bald look is not low maintenance. You have to shave just about every day, or you start to get little bitty hairs growing back to where you do grow hair. And where you do grow hair, it grows like weeds, at a furious pace. My face, I can shave, and by the next day, it looks like I had fertilized it.


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