6 thoughts on “Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk?

  1. Hard to say. Looks like a single action frame of some sort. See, that’s the cool thing about these gonzo handgun rounds. Even if you miss, your target is deaf and on fire.


  2. True story: I taught a range course to coworkers at a local indoor range, and a 95 lb. coworker from Somewhere Else Besides America approached the .357 Magnum with shaky hands, as she’d never fired more than a .22. Up goes the weapon, shaking all over the place, a worried look on her face. It steadies on the target, sort of. BOOM!! A flash like the picture above, a massive powder flare, a hole in the target, she takes the shock like a pro… and TOTAL, ABJECT LAUGHTER. Followed by emptying the rest of the chambers into the target, and asking for more!

    America is great, naysayers be damned.


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