Maybe I’ll Just Sit On This Sprite For A While After All

Because when I saw this advertisement in my Email I about shit myself.

new motor

$5000 for a Plain Jane rebuilt engine.

$6500 for a high performance engine with an aluminum head and road racing cam.

Uh, yeah.

I completely rebuilt the engine in that little fucker.

.020 over pistons cost me almost $400 alone.

I sent the head out and had it completely redone including exhaust valve guides, new valve springs and seals, valve grind, surfacing, the works.

Had the block done too.

New stock cam and bearings, new double row timing chain set and a $200 aftermarket aluminum billet rear crankshaft seal kit because the fuckers don’t have a rear main seal.

I was thinking $6500 was asking too much for the entire fucking car!

That includes all the damn parts I have collected plus all the new shit I have put on it.

I am going to have to see what the little fuckers are going for again. I might be way off base because they were still going pretty cheap all in all a couple of years ago but 5 grand for a fucking engine makes me think something may have changed.

7 thoughts on “Maybe I’ll Just Sit On This Sprite For A While After All

  1. Did you have hardened seats put in the head? I know some of the British engines had a reputation for having the exhaust valve seats erode away when you ran them on unleaded fuel. It was SOP for us the have hardened seats installed on any British car that needed a valve job. If the customer balked we told him we wouldn’t do the job otherwise.

    I’ve seen the rear main seal kit. Wheeler Dealers rebuilt some Brit car (MGA, IIRC) and had that done so it wouldn’t leak. Looked pretty clever.

    You can go to and find the valuation of the car in everything from “Parts Car” to “Pebble Beach” condition.


  2. Check – Any engine you need. I just restored a 1996 nissian maxima – v6 5spd. The engine cost me $3200, which includes the $500 core charge. Total cost $2700.


  3. I had a buddy in high school who would sometimes get 10x a vehicle’s value by selling individual parts from it. And this was back when the only way to offer them for sale was through print ads. He once bought a Grand Torino that got T-boned at an intersection for $35 and sold just the hood a week later for $125. Then he sold the engine, tranny, tires with rims, and who knows what else before taking it to the junkyard to get his original $35 back. He was a master at turning a buck.


  4. I had an Austin Healey Sprite back in high school, ’78. It was a cool little car, but was a little unnerving looking at the underside of door handle on the highway at 70+ mp.

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