Wanna Go Fishing?


It’s a trick of the camera angle, it doesn’t really go under because there is no water pouring out of the live well.

It does show how fucking gnarly it gets out there though. I have an Uncle who had a 51 footer based out of Newport many years ago. I went out with him and his kid once for 3 days.

That was enough for me.

The swells were big enough that the prop was coming out of the water when going over the crests, the only place to sleep was crammed into a corner down below with the engine screaming every time the prop breached and the stink of diesel was over powering. It was weird at night because they just drift and there are other boats out there doing the same thing. Someone had to be in the wheelhouse to literally keep from bumping into each other.

Theses guys work their asses off in extremely dangerous conditions.

Thanks but no. You don’t just pull over when something decides to take a shit.

2 thoughts on “Wanna Go Fishing?

  1. An ex of mine many years ago wanted me to move to alsska to be near her mother. I asked her what I would do to make money. She suggested that I could work a fishing boat with her brother. I reminded her that was dangerous work and asked what if something bad happens to me. I’d be mad, was her reaponse. Hmmmmm. Maybe not go.


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