Let’s Try That Again

I finally got around to dealing with the fuel pump on the Bronco yesterday.

After waiting on hold for a total of 18 minutes, I finally got through to the good people at NAPA to make sure they had one in stock again, I girded my loins, gathered up some tools and crawled back under the bastard.

Amazingly enough, after fighting the bastard for an hour the first time, having finally figured out what tools I actually needed, how to get at everything, how to snake the bastard over the driveline and the correct combinations of Ford specific curse words, I got the damn thing out in about ten minutes.

Off to NAPA where I amazingly enough got to talk to the manager who I had been talking to on the phone about it,  fifteen minutes later I walked back out of there with a new fuel pump at no charge.

Of course going back in was another story but I did do something a little different before I tackled that.

The first one didn’t seem to want to prime up and pull fuel worth a shit after I got it in.

I cycled the key at least a dozen times and finally opened the throttle all the way up before it would start.

This time, I poured a little 3 in One oil in the back of the damn thing. I figured it would help keep the unit lubricated while it was spinning and help prime the bitch. Worked like a charm. The fourth time I flipped the key on I heard it load up and it started right up.

Just to tempt fate, I took it out and did some running around and didn’t seem to have any problems with that issue again.

I did make damn sure to inform the wife to keep her phone handy and actually answer the fucking thing, just in case.

I went down to BI Mart and picked up a bunch of shit I was out of out in the garage.

Marvels Mystery Oil, WD-40, a gallon of that Purple cleaner shit I have been wanting to try and some STP oil treatment. There was some other crap but it escapes me at the moment. Either way it was $85 to escape to the front door.

Then I went across the street to an outfit called Ducks. They are kind of like a local Harbor Freight in that that they sell cheap Chinesium crap tools (Of course I watch Uncle Bumblefuck’s videos!) and things. I was looking for a cheap pin punch set. Most of mine have either gotten bent, broken or ground down and repurposed.

Out of all the shit they have in that joint, they didn’t have a set of punches.

They sold some individually but they were Thexton’s and by the time I bought those one at a time I could have bought four complete sets of them at Harbor Freight so I just bit the bullet and went over there.

Bigger than shit, they had one for $6. They wanted $5 for one punch at Ducks.

They also had a smoking deal on an 11 piece Chisel and punch set for $8.99 so I snagged that up too. It didn’t have the smaller pin punches I was looking for but did have some nice tapered punches that I didn’t have.

Contrary to history and my natural tendencies to have a complete fucking run away inside that joint, I managed to escape with just those two items and not blow a hundred bucks.

I must be slipping.

12 thoughts on “Let’s Try That Again

  1. And your Bronco started each time? I am suppressed! You only spent a hundred dollars and went to two stores? You are slipping… do you need an intervention?


    • They are in a roll up pouch but they aren’t painted. Black Oxide finish ,which I prefer anyway.
      It’s a nice set and at that price it was a steal!
      You would pay that much for just one of the larger chisels or punches all by its self anywhere else.
      I forgot to mention that to get that price you have to be a member of their Inside Track club. I also had to renew my membership which is $30 a year but it’s worth every penny of that to me because you get special deals mailed to you and I generally save that $30 in one visit.
      I also neglected to mention the wife asked me to put gas in her car when I went to NAPA and then I had to fill up the Bronco too.
      $40 bucks and $81 respectively.
      It was an expensive afternoon after all.


      • OK, that’s the other HF set I have. Some of their tools are screamin’ deals, and some are best described as “one-use” tools.

        But I’m sure you learned that long ago like I did…..


  2. I am a big fan of Craftsman tools. They are a fraction of the price, but their lifetime
    warranty and the fact that you could not drive ten miles without seeing a Sears store,
    the decision was easy for me. Every auto shop has a Snap-on or Mac tool truck
    that arrives once a week, but when a tool breaks, it can be replaced on the drive
    home from work. I have some Proto tools like Allen sockets, and a gasket scraper
    because they are much better than anything in the Craftsman line.

    I only buy Harbor Freight iron for special projects where economy is a consideration.
    Since I am a disabled geezer, I do not need name brands anymore. I have one
    of their large Torx bit sets and they are of decent build quality. HF is also a great
    place to shop for consumables like cut-off wheels, wire wheels, spools of wire for
    my MIG welder, etc. When a company I worked for started selling metric rotary
    screw compressors, they gave me a Chinee socket and combo wrench set for my
    service truck. Since I did not have a set of slim-line wrenches I did not shed
    a tear when I ground the open end down to remove an inlet valve assembly.


  3. Two? Two items @ Harbor Freight? You are one sick puppy. Seek a mental health doctor pronto!! You are on thin ice. 5 items are the minimum for good mental health.


  4. Long live Uncle Bumblefuck, the King of Caukistan! If you use that purple stuff full strength, try not to get it on bare skin. It’ll suck every bit of oil out of you. Way worse than lacquer thinner! I had a chapped, sandpaper hand for about two weeks. In winter. But it works like a hot damn, even degreases engines.
    And I want that little hand held chainsaw he has…


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