One Out, One In

And the wife still ain’t happy.

Some things will never change.


In a complicated to explain but easy to accomplish 5 way swap/giveaway kind of thing, the generator went away.

I realized some time ago that it was going to turn into an Albatross around my neck and would have eventually done something with it but wasn’t looking forward to it and really

needed the space it was taking up. I banged my shins on the motherfucker more than once.

That was a secondary thing. The primary thing was a good buddy from work texted me at O:Dark Thirty this morning and wanted to know if I wanted this,


It’s an old Craftsman table saw that was sold by Sears and Roebuck sometime after the wheel was invented.

I have no idea how old it is but it ain’t got any plastic parts on it and it’s all cast iron.

It wasn’t wired up but there is more to this story.

My buddy said it was free, it was across the street from him at his very ancient neighbors house. I went over there to collect it and found out it was another kid’s who we work with, who had lived next to the old guy and had split with his girlfriend and left all his shit there when he moved back in with his mother. I guess he had given it back to the old guy who had given it to him in the first place.

Got all that?


Anyway, Buddy #1, who told me about it and his father both, are my kind of people. We wheel and deal and are all hopeless Pack Rats.

His Dad was there and after we loaded up the saw, we were standing around shooting the shit when somehow the conversation got turned into being about all of us being pack rats and such. Somehow then, the subject of generators came up and the game was on.

I told him if he wanted that sonofabitch generator I had to follow me home and I would load it up for him.

After some back and forth, we did just that.

Yeah, it was probably worth some money but getting rid of the fucker was too good to pass up.

I don’t need the table saw either but I  have already got it cleaned up some, wired up and working again.


The thing about giving him the generator is that it opens up a new contact and does so with good will in the bank already.

These are good folks, my kind of people and I am looking forward to more wheeling and dealing in the future.

I have to do some measuring but I am toying with idea of yanking that Craftsman saw and motor off the cart, cleaning up the cart and then mounting the old Atlas saw that I got all good to go on it. It has all of the parts and works great but the new one doesn’t have the miter gauge.

We shall see.

I’m also considering putting the newest one on Craigslist and seeing if I can’t trade it for a vintage Atlas floor mounted drill press to match the other table saw.

Atlas made some good shit back in the day and I have been wanting one of their floor mounted drill presses for a long time.

I haz options here.

6 thoughts on “One Out, One In

  1. Yup. That’s why I don’t mind doing the radio work for the in-laws/friends/tribe members. I’m meeting some really cool, really solid people, and some of them are hard-core gearheads.


  2. If’n ya want to get rid of the Sprite… My first ever new car was a ’67 bought in San Diego with some of my re-enlistment bonus. IIRC I paid something like $1800. Traded it 6 years later, much to my regret.


    • If you are serious Email me at Bustednuckles AT GEEmailDot Com.
      You will get the car, an extra hood, front fenders,doors, trunk lid, two parts transmissions, the original 1098 engine and thirty years worth of parts for $6500
      It has a new 1275 engine,clutch with new hydraulics,radiator,brake system from front to back gas tank, fuel pump,turn signal switch, wiper motor and convertible top.
      The entire engine compartment has been redone. It has been modified to a tilt nose front end but you can put it back with the extra parts if you want.
      It lost 2nd and 3rd gear ,something sheared off in the shift linkage.
      There is no interior and the seats need to be redone but I also have a brand new carpet kit still in the box.
      Hit me up if you are serious and I will send pictures.
      Trust me, $6500 is a steal, I want the damn thing gone.


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