Tick Tock

Something big is brewing.

Q dropped 37 messages in one day the other day and has been posting multiple times a day since then.

A month ago nobody heard a peep for over two weeks.

The Mid Term elections are coming up and those feckless cunt Democrats keep saying there is going to be a Blue Wave and they are going to take back the House, Senate and immediately move to impeach Trump for illegal parking or some such bullshit.

They went around the bend almost two years ago now an have been paddling with one oar in the water ever since.

There is already a massive amount of dirt that has been dug up on almost ALL of the Democratic varsity team players. We are talking High Treason here.

If Q decides to dump it in a very public way somehow then the Democrats will be more worried about random neck tie parties that running for office.

The MSM is working like a Whirling Dervish dumping Fake News and trying to spin everyone with 100% coordinated stories running across multiple media channels in a desperate effort to keep the Normies dumb and stupid.

It is going to fail and fail spectacularly because not only are they pumping Fake News, they are Co Conspiritors and enablers of the High Treason that has been going on.

They too will be unable to walk the streets safely when everything comes out.

What I am trying to say here should be patently obvious to anyone who comes here on a regular basis.

Never trust the Main Stream Media.

Keep your eyes wide the fuck open and learn to not only read between the lines but look for meaning in what they DON”T say.

Lies by omission is one of their specialties.

I just can’t shake the gut feeling I keep getting that there is going to be some serious shit dropped to the public that is going to have a profound impact on their perceptions here in the next month or so.

Waking up the Sheeple is what scares the Cabal more than anything.

Once they get a peek behind the curtain and find out the Wizard is just a little old man it’s going to be game over.

6 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. Trump is just a human “I think”. All the shit the media is stirring into a whirlpool against him and he just keeps going. Something is up . When he pull the drain plug all we will here is the whoosh as he flushes the media. Is Q just a front for Trump to spill his oppositions guts on the floor.


  2. can we PLEASE get this going? are they going to wait until AFTER the mid-terms? we’ve been hearing about all these indictments coming and shoes fixing to drop for months. I know there’s a process that has to be followed, but they’re cutting it pretty close (if in fact they really have anything)


  3. Timing.

    Monday is Labor Day, the Official End of Summer. The first full week after Labor Day is when “normal life resumes,” kiddies are back in school, the grownups are back at work, traffic returns to its hellish normalcy, etc.

    The second full week after Labor Day everyone will have settled into the fall-winter routine; summer, and early fall vacations are over, Halloween, despite the store displays, isn’t yet on the action-planning horizon, and no one’s talking about Thanksgiving and The Holidays yet. It’s a natural lull period.

    This year that week is the 17th through the 21st. I’m expecting that to be a busy week, beginning on Tuesday. Which, coincidentally, is 7 weeks – 49 days – from election day.


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