Some Dood Just Lucked, The Fuck, Out. Bigtime

Holy fuckin ‘shit you gotta go read this whole thing.

This is a shortened version to give you some idea of how entitled this bitch feels she should be but you really need to go read the whole damn thing. It is something to behold.
All I can say is wow.

Bride cancels wedding, breaks up with fiancé after friends and family refuse to pay for $60G nuptials

A woman’s long-winded tirade blaming her friends and family for canceling her dream $60,000 wedding has gone viral on social media.

The bizarre story has received a massive response after being shared on Facebook and Reddit by a woman identified as the bride’s cousin.

The Facebook post starts with, “It comes with great sadness that I am announcing the cancellation of the [censored] Wedding. I apologize for cancelling only 4 days beforehand.”

The bride, identified as Susan, then reveals that she and her fiancé have broken up “due to some recent and irreparable problems” before going on to blame her friends and family for “ruin[ing] my marriage and life.”



The bride went on to say during her foul-mouthed rant that all the couple needed for their grand $60K wedding was “a little push.”

“Our dream wedding amounts to 60K – all included with flights to Aruba. All we asked was for a little help from our friends and family to make it happen.”

The 17-paragraph outburst said the pair “specifically asked for cash gifts” from the guests.

“How could we have OUR wedding that WE dreamed of without proper funding? We’d sacrificed so much and only asked each guest for around $1,500.”

The bride also explained she “made it CLEAR. If you couldn’t contribute, you weren’t invited to our exclusive wedding. It’s a once and a lifetime [sic] party.”


11 thoughts on “Some Dood Just Lucked, The Fuck, Out. Bigtime

    • I do believe it w/o problems. Many years ago I cancelled a wedding myself two weeks before it should have happened.
      And these illusions of grandeur? There are more than enough nutcases around…


  1. i seriously doubt it was the grooms idea for “dream wedding” she wanted friends and family to pay for it BS. If her daddy doesn’t want to pay then it is up to the couple to pay. Fist of all set a budget then set a the wedding up. Ridiculous ENTITLED BITCH


  2. Sounds like my first marriage, tho it didn’t cost $60K. It was supposed to be small and family/close friends, then it exploded. I was being hitched to a Lutheran Bishops daughter and her mom thought it was beneath her husbands position for her daughter to be married simply. Meant it went from a suit to a tux… I was a penguin.


  3. Another link to the same story:

    “‘She has entitlement issues’: Cousin of Bridezilla who called off her wedding when guests refused to pay $1,200 to attend claims she’s…The cousin of a Canadian bride who went viral after she posted a furious Facebook rant has responded to the row, admitting her relative has…”

    The comments on Reddit are telling it like it should have been.
    Does any body know when we left Planet Earth?


  4. Hell of it is, according to this the ex-groom hasn’t dodged anything.

    From the article”…Since our love was like a fairy tale, we wanted an extravagant blow out wedding, one where our son could be included,” the woman wrote. …”

    Unless he can get custody,he’ll be on the hook for child support and with this loony cunt she’s sure to go for the maximum.


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