Lamenting The End Of Another Summer

Soon this will be gone for another 9 months.


I seem to notice it earlier than everyone else but over the last several years I have felt the weather change from Summer to Fall around here.

This year I noticed it last week, even though the daytime temperatures were sweltering, it’s the night time temperatures that give the clue.

When it starts chilling off enough to put frost on the windshield at night even though the daytime temperatures may be in the 90’s, Fall has quietly announced it’s return here.

That being said, September is without question the most beautiful time of year here in this area.

The high temperatures go away but the sun still shines and it hasn’t started raining yet.

The leaves have already started turning here as of three weeks ago but it is a subtle thing that most people don’t really notice.

Soon it will be just gorgeous here for about 5-6 weeks and then one day it will be like someone flipped a switch.

Cold, cloudy and the rain starts.

Now is the time to enjoy life.


9 thoughts on “Lamenting The End Of Another Summer

  1. Damn….and I was just getting used to seeing all the college girls in shorts!

    I definitely notice Fall in the air here, something I rarely felt back in Lost Angeleez.

    The dog seems to sense something’s about to change, too….


  2. Same here it dropped into the 40’s last week with one night down to 39. It made it up to the 80’s again here in MT. but the night temperatures dropped again this week. I see the birds start to flock up we are in for an early winter.


    • Yeah… that’s what is being predicted over here in Europe year after year. One year it’s the Farmer’s Almanac, the other year it’s the strange way bees are behaving, then it’s the ants… doesn’t matter: it’s gonna be a bitterly fuvking cold winter!
      Nothing happens at all.


  3. Your right. There is no better time of year here. Just perfect in so many ways. And then about October 15th, it all goes to hell. Enjoy


  4. Waterfowl have been busy stuffing themselves out on the intertidal mudflats during this last week’s extreme low tides. They’re fattening themselves up for a good reason.
    There’s a smell of dry leaves in the air, the bucks are in velvet – Autumn is here.


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