Pop Quiz Time, Old Technology Edition

OK boys and girls, this one shouldn’t be too hard but then again, ya never know.

I had convinced myself that I would be scouring EBay for hours and when I did find them, some old coot would want fifteen bucks apiece plus at least that for shipping.

I am needing four of these little functional yet ornamental looking pieces and was amazed that I found them quite quickly, brand new and best of all, cheap.

Pencils ready?


grease cup2


grease cup








If you need a hint, the threads are 1/8th inch pipe.

That should be a dead giveaway.


12 thoughts on “Pop Quiz Time, Old Technology Edition

    • Too damn easy eh?
      I’ll have to admit that as long as I have been turning wrenches and as many different kinds of vintage and antique machinery I have been around that I actually hadn’t run across any of them until about a year ago.
      I just ordered 4 Chinesium brass ones off of Ebay for 18 bucks and some change with free shipping.
      They look pretty small but they are going on that old band saw that’s not going to be seeing much action anyway.
      I’ll have to tap the existing holes but they are sized for a 1/8 X 27 TPI tap perfectly as is.
      That will get rid of the oil dripping all over the fucking place.


    • Ya unscrew the cap and fill it with grease. As the machine is running you occasionally walk by and twist the cap back down a bit and it injects grease into the bearing journal.
      They were used quite a bit around the turn of the last century.


  1. The old brass era cars had them all over the damned place as well as having complete pumps attached to oil reservoirs and brass or copper pipe going to critical points. Along with driving, shifting (no synchros) and avoiding cows, someone had to pump oil to the bearings every so often. Sometimes the mechanic riding shotgun would do that job 😉 a bit before my time but my Grandad was of the era, was a master mechanic and taught the little rat a lot. Then there were the real early cars, open circuit oiling dripping on the journals and running onto the ground when sprayed all over the open bottom crankcase. See what all the young whippersnappers are missing? And there were no watermelon commies around to give any lip over it either.


  2. We got a new production line where I used to work, and I found a few of them on it. I found grease fittings on the damn thing for almost 6 months. It was my habit to check the line every night, before starting up. I would come in 1 hour early every night, and give the entire line a good once over, and tighten or grease anything that needed attention. The company decided that they didn’t want to pay me for the hour of overtime each night. So I quit coming in early. I told my foreman that within 6 months that things are going to start screwing up. I was nearly exact on how long it was. Fortunately, I had bid off the job and was melting metal when the line started failing. I worked at the place for over 35 years, so what would I know? But the company saved a few dollars a week on my overtime. They lost much more by paying overtime for people to get production done on the weekend, but they didn’t want to admit that they fucked up.


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