Yeah, My Neck Is Just A Little Stiff Today

Six hours of banging your head will do that to an old fart.IMG_20180823_212207

The Wifely Unit paid for two tickets to the Slayer Farewell Tour concert for me and I took a buddy of mine because she ain’t into that shit.


5 Metal bands.

Napalm Death, they have been around since the early 80’s.

Testament,, Metal Hall of Famer’s in their own right.

Anthrax, ditto, they actually played my favorite tune of theirs, Be All, End All.

That was worth the price of admission to me right there.

Lamb of God. Holy fuck, I was kind of apprehensive about this band but they absolutely blew my doors off and had a great show.

Mark my words, Lamb of God is going to be the next Slayer. The top of the heap is in their future and they had thousands of hardcore fans there.

Then of course, Slayer themselves.

They tore the joint up. It was great.

There were two Mosh pits going but thankfully I had picked out some cheaper seats so me and my buddy were way the hell away from that madness.

You haven’t lived until you have been in a Mosh Pit at a Heavy Metal concert and survived to tell about it.

I can say that I have been there and done that, at a fucking Metallica concert no less, in ninety plus degree heat. They actually turned on some fire hoses to spray the crowd with that day to cool people off.

Once was more than enough though. It’s a good way to get a concussion or a random punch to the face. That was back when I was younger, rowdier and drunker than a piss boiled owl.

No, yesterday was about actually seeing the shows and being able to remember them the next day. That’s what getting to be an old fart is supposed to be about.

Except for the seats at the far left where we were at, the place was packed.

That was good for us though because that meant there weren’t any assholes standing right in front of us and we got to see the shows unobstructed.

It gave me the opportunity to check several items off my Bucket List by getting to see several bands I have missed out on in the past, all at one time.

Both of us had a great time and if you are into Metal, this will be your last chance to see Slayer.

Now to go find a bottle of Ibuprophen and kick back a bit today.

Sheese I’m getting old.

4 thoughts on “Yeah, My Neck Is Just A Little Stiff Today

  1. Ha, your funny. Trying to Justify getting old. No doubt you wanted to be in the younger crowd, but the body won’t allow it. We all Soldier on in our own way, God Bless.

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    • Yeah, could be but I have to keep reminding myself that I am almost 59 years old, six feet tall and weigh 165 lbs.
      I don’t need to be in a crowd full of drunk assed 20 year olds who weigh 200 lbs. and are crashing into each other like football players and throwing random punches that would knock what few teeth I have left down my throat.
      Every dog has his day and what’s left of mine are best spent on the porch barking at everyone else.


  2. The only one besides Slayer that I’ve heard of is Anthrax.

    Just not a Heavy/Death/Speed/Grunge Metal guy.

    But I do agree with how to spend our Old Age.


    And I have the M1 to back it up…..


  3. Oh, you lucky old bastard! The most metal band we could probably get here in the Florida panhandle these days would be Winger at the county fair.
    Fuck living in the snowflake era and fuck old age.


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