My Day Off, Right?

So what do I do?

I go out in the garage and start piddle farting with my junk, of course!

Some of you may recall this old 1943 Atlas table saw I got from a buddy of mine last year.


Every few months I drag the heavy little fucker out and dick with it some more.

When I got it, there was a huge antique electric motor hanging off the back of the little fucker that literally weighed more than the table saw and I had to use my engine hoist to get it up on the work bench.

I actually got it wired up and the saw turned but it had to go.

I wound up mounting that motor on the 1925 foot operated table saw my neighbor gave me and it is a much better fit.

Then I found the little motor you see hanging on it now but it spun the wrong way so I put the thing away again until the urge to fuck with it hit me again.

I finally watched some Youtubes that showed how to open it up, unsolder a connection and resolder it somewhere else and then had to go buy a fucking soldering gun big enough to do it and got that figured out and done. I got it mounted and wired it to the switch today.

Then I went and got a new belt.

The whole time I have been messing with it though, it acted like one of the bearings had a bad spot in it.

So today I tore into the little sonofabitch again and discovered that it wasn’t a bearing, it was the set screw for the pulley on the saw blade shaft had backed out because today, it wasn’t just a little binding in one spot, it was a heavy BANGING. .

It took me a while to get the pulley off because the banging was the head of the set screw slamming on the cast iron slot for the shaft. That of course, smeared the Allen head and fucked it up.

Because it is off set into the housing I couldn’t see it until I pried the thing away from the case a bit.

It was loose so that it didn’t take much to get it off.

Out of all of the shit I have out in that garage, including a small plastic drawer with set screws in it, sure as shit I didn’t have the right one.

I took it over to the bench grinder and cleaned it up some but it’s still a bit funky and now the pulley is rattling around on the shaft because it actually is supposed to have two set screws in it.

I cleaned a bunch of rust and shit off some of the parts, lubed up the moving parts and put a new blade on it while I was out there.

I’ll probably just go get another pulley and make sure it has two screws in it instead of fucking around with this one because it also has a slight bend in it.

After that though it should be good to go!

Next will be adjusting everything so that it cuts true and the pointers are all set to the correct position.

Once it’s all done the thing should be good to go until long after I am dead.

That’s why I love old machinery in the first place.

The only thing that is made out of plastic on this thing is the switch housing.




3 thoughts on “My Day Off, Right?

  1. Old, Heavy and Steady. All of the attributes I am far more related to than anything else.

    I may not be spry and young but I am still damn sharp when it comes to things that count.

    I must say that you have that same appreciation for things that will last as I do!!

    It is a good way to be.


  2. I can just see it – Phil powers this classic machine tool up, it begins going SLAM SLAM SLAM – “Nope, nope, that ain’t doin’ it!”


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