Stay Tuned (Updated in comments)

The rental property managent inspector is due here today for their annual inspection.

They left a note on the front door while we were over in Troutdale two days ago informing us that someone will be here between Noon and 5 PM.

I called the bastards and told them we were on vacation and asked if they could move it to Friday.

Fuck no.

Their response was that they have a key to the place and we didn’t have to be here. Then I said, Fuck No.

I’m not letting someone I know absolutely nothing about come into where I live and just start rooting around unescorted so we cut our little mini vacation short and came home yesterday to get ready for it.

I spent all day out in the garage  straightening it out enough so someone can walk through it and have a bunch of crap out in the Caballero that needs to go to the dump.

I knew it was due so I have been busting my balls around here for over a month getting ready.

I went round and round with these fuckers last year and have literally been pissed off at them ever since. You have heard about people who hold grudges for years and years?

Yeah, don’t ever piss me off because I never forget.


So I already know there are a couple of things we are going to go around on, I’m just hoping they don’t send the same asshole that was here last year.

I may wind up in jail and then I will be really pissed off because I have a concert to go to later today.

19 thoughts on “Stay Tuned (Updated in comments)

  1. ‘I don’t know where you live or what sort of house you need?? I would say that before I moved into a place like that… well, I wouldn’t….. Perhaps it’s time to relocate!! No, it is beyond time!!!!!

    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat!!!!!,



  2. Change the locks, if your lease agreement / rental contract says it’s ok.

    No matter what, get a few cheap game cameras and hide them all around. If ‘they’ have a key, and are prepared to use it whenever it is convenient for ‘them’, you know they will. And, the next time, ‘they’ might not even give you the courtesy of a phone call first …

    “This is how you catch the bad guys now. You get them on video”
    – “Machete” (movie 2010,


  3. I have the same problem here in my apartment. They have told me several times they can come in anytime they want and I told them if I am home MR SHOTGUN will be happy to have a conversation and if I find out…via game cams that they were in my apt while I was gone that I would press a B&E and at least $3000.00 dollars were missing from my dresser…


  4. Can’t wait to hear the after action report. I own my property but the township code inspector is a gold plated asshole and we have had a lot of head butting over what I can and cannot do with MY property. TG it is not a HOA but the asshole still acts like he runs the place. I just hope he is dead or retired by the time we have to sell ’cause there is no way I am going to do what he cites for the window openings on a 1953 vintage brick house just because I made one room 4 ft narrower to put in a hallway to the addition.


  5. Their inspectors can come any time, so far as I’m concerned. My dance card’s empty. I can be here when they ask me if I prefer a given date/time,
    But I’m going to be present.


  6. “oh, hello, rental agent, you’re here for your annual inspection? OK, come on in, but we’re holding a religious gathering; we belong to a cult of alcoholic nudist satan worshippers and Tuesdays are our turn to hold the meetings…”


  7. Well, they were here yesterday but it was a complete clusterfuck getting them here.
    As I mentioned, I had tried to have it postponed until today. I left them my number and never heard anything back so I called them about 3 in the afternoon to make sure they were coming. They told me they had talked to my wife and made “arrangements”.
    I called her and she said they never did any such thing.
    More phone calls,confusion, anger and my wife flipping out on me.
    I couldn’t get a hold of the bastards again, it kept going straight to voicemail.
    The inspector asshole finally called me and said he had heard I wanted it moved to today and had left a message. I told him I had TRIPLE checked my phone and got no messages from anyone. I told him as far as I was concerned it was still on as original. He says he can be there in a half hour. Good. My buddy showed up because we were going to a Heavy Metal concert which is why I wanted it done ASAP.
    The guy shows up apologizing, brings some fucking woman with him who I am positive was here to eyeball the place for either a rent increase or to get an idea what they can get out of someone else after they throw us out.
    The microwave died a couple of weeks ago and he was going to tear into it but decided it wasn’t just the little fuse because the light comes on when the door is opened. I know what’s wrong with that fucker and they are going to wind up replacing it because you can’t get parts for a 22 year old microwave but kept my mouth shut.
    I bitched about the hedge that wraps around the front and side of the house, AGAIN. 3rd year in a row. He decided that maybe it needs to be trimmed because you can’t even see out of the large front window anymore, I can’t get to the fucking gutters to clean them and it has grown all up against the vinyl siding. The fucking hedge was about two and a half feet tall when we moved in and now it’s over six feet high.Some other branches need it on the Magnolia trees too.
    I told them about the rock retaining wall that I discovered after being here 2 1/2 years and spending an entire day clearing brush to uncover too.

    They weren’t here very damn long. The chick got kind of snotty and I am positive the inspector dude was the same guy from last year and is very aware that I can be an asshole so he took his pictures, apologized again for the miscommunication and dragged her the fuck out of here before I lit into her skinny ass.
    I’m also positive that my buddy being here was instrumental in me and them not going at it tong and hammer.
    As far as I know they didn’t even look at the back yard t all and only saw the front from walking up to the door.

    I know I can be a paranoid sonofabitch but that’s because I have been fucked over so many times but I can’t shake the feeling that I will be hearing from these fuckers again here in the not too distant future and it ain’t going to be good news.


  8. Every apt and the two rented housed I’ve lived in, I swapped out the dead bolt locks. Every place complained. “What if there is a fire?” Kick in the door. That;s why firemen carry axes, right? “We’ll have to charge you for the door!” I’ll worry about that if it happens.

    Hey, you want to inspect? Or spray for bugs? Or anything? I will be home.


  9. They can’t just come in just because they say they can.. You are RENTING it. This means it is YOURS from point A to point B. Your castle, your rules.
    “What if there’s a fire” Yah,right. they’re gonna run their ass over there to make sure the fire dept doesn’t have to break the door down? But you could try that. Hey there’s a fire, come and open the door. and bring your hedge clippers and tool kit so you can do some maintenance while your here!


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