I Finally Tracked Her Down

Someone asked who the chick was from the head massage GIF I posted the other day and I have to admit that I was curious enough myself that I just spent about 15 minutes back tracking it.

But I finally found her and I hate to say it, but I have at least one T shirt that is older than the little chicky.

She is pretty cute but if you do an image search on her you will see all kind of different hair styles on her and to be honest, most of them suck. She looks the best with longer hair.

So, enough bullshit.

This little cutie is named Nina Dobrev.


And here is some info,

Known for The Vampire Diaries worldwide, Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva is a Bulgarian- Canadian actress who has won the critics over her performance and her fans through her elegant beauty.

Early Life

Born on January 9th, 1989, she was born in Sofia, Bulgaria to a computer specialist father, Konstantin Dobrev and an artist mother, Michaela Dobreva.

Yeah, 1989.

I can barely even remember 1989.

So anyways, there ya go, mistery solved.

8 thoughts on “I Finally Tracked Her Down

  1. “I hate to say it, but I have at least one T shirt that is older than the little chicky.”

    Damn! Me too. It’s a Pink Floyd The Wall shirt with the Marching Hammers given to me when I met David Gilmour on his About Face tour. (1984) I also have an old fruit of the loom long sleeved sweatshirt from that same time. Looks like swiss chese but still fits so it’s my holy shirt for Sunday’s.


  2. Some of the most ‘drop-dead, can’t take my eyes off of you’ beautiful women I’ve ever met were from former Warsaw Pact nations. I mean, these were the kind of women whose looks cause traffic accidents.


  3. 25 years ago, I realized I had clothes older than kids coming to work as new grads right out of college. Still have those clothes (a jacket, most of my ties). Now I think “young” is younger than my son. She’s 8 years younger than my son.


  4. I have a Bear butt tank top from a stay at the Buffalo Chip campground at the 1988 Sturgis rally. Of course it doesn’t fit now as I have beefed up some since then. But it is a keepsake .Memories.


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