Now Even More Toofless! Sort Of

I just got back from the dentist after having her pry out the remnants of a tooth that broke off right up front, right at the gum line, last year.
I originally had it broke out clear back in 1978 I believe and they did a root canal, put a pin in it and made a fake tooth for it.
Actually I had a couple knocked out and the one directly in front right next to it has a post in it and I have had that tooth/crown whatever ya wanna call it, replaced several times. It split across clean right in the middle two years ago now so they are going to replace that one and put in a bridge to fill in the hole they just made by digging out the one that was broke clear off right next to it.
I now also have an appointment to have impressions made for some kind of partial denture for the lower right side that has zero teeth left so I will have some fucking thing to chew with on that side. As it is, I have two teeth each on the top and bottom left to work with on the left side that I can chew on stuff with.
Gotta love it.
The wife is ragging on me because they won’t give me any pain killers. This is nothing compared to when they recently yanked the two lower back molars on the right, scraped the exposed jaw bone and then stitched it up before patting me on the butt and sending me home empty handed.
Gotta love that shit too.
At least now even though I have fucked up and missing teeth in the front, all of the really badly fucked up ones are gone now, finally, including that nasty looking broke off fucker in front.
The slow and really expensive part of getting things fixed can begin.

6 thoughts on “Now Even More Toofless! Sort Of

  1. At 60 I am looking at my first crown on a back molar, I can’t even begin to understand what you are going through. It doesn’t sound pretty and now can we call you Toothless? You most be from Arkansas… that is why it is called a toothbrush, anywhere else it would be called a teethbrush.


    • Heh!
      You can call me anything you want bud.
      I have a friend at work who had NINETEEN teeth pulled all at once last year and then had dentures made.
      I personally have been fighting fucked up teeth since childhood.
      I had a dentist’s playground in my mouth until they all started failing and had to be yanked out.


      • You may have done everything right and you still would’a have lost your teeth, research lately has a lack of Vitamin D, which you get from the sun… flossing and fluoride brushing doesn’t seem to work all that much.


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